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Tails explaining their mission of finding the Freedom Fighters, from Sonic the Hedgehog #252.

The Return of the Freedom Fighters is an event that occurred in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. Taking place in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline, The Return of the Freedom Fighters was the reformation of the Knothole Freedom Fighters after the events of When Worlds Collide, in which the team was brutally split due to the events of the Ixis Resurgence, both which took place in the past timeline, the Prime Zone. The majority of The Return of the Freedom Fighters arc is chronicled in the story arc, "Countdown to Chaos". This event took place right before and during the events of the Shattered World Crisis.



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StH 235 FF Done

Sonic admitting the Freedom Fighters' destruction, from Sonic the Hedgehog #235.

Prior to the events of When Worlds Collide, the Knothole Freedom Fighters were nearly torn apart due to attacks from either Dr. Eggman or Ixis Naugus. Right after Operation: Clean Sweep, Sally Acorn, in an effort to stop the World Roboticizer from roboticizing Mobius, sacrificed herself and directed the roboticizer to her, transferring her into Mecha Sally.[1] With this, Eggman had sent Titan Metal Sonic and Tails Doll to destroy the city of New Mobotropolis. Both Ixis Naugus and Bunnie D'Coolette attempted to destroy the Titan Metal Sonic, but, Naugus decided to use his magic to crystallize the robot and, accidentally, Bunnie.[2] Bunnie, however, was cured of her crystallization, only for her robotic limbs to be removed in the process.[3]

Eventually, the Battle Bird Armada and the Babylon Rouges destroyed New Mobotropolis to uncover the Babylon Garden underneath the city.[4] Fortunately, Sonic the Hedgehog was able to stop the birds by crashing the garden to a nearby mountain range.[5] Shortly thereafter, the remaining Freedom Fighters–Sonic, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine D'Coolette, and Amy–escorted Elias Acorn and his wife Megan Acorn to Feral Forest after the former-king was removed from his powers due to Naugus stealing the kingdom after he destroyed Titan Metal Sonic. However, Eggman had set-up an ambush to defeat the Freedom Fighters more so, via sending Metal Sonic and Mecha Sally to the battle. In the process, Antoine had took Metal Sonic away from Elias' car, only to immediately have the robot denote in Antoine's face, giving him a severe coma.[6] Shortly after, Bunnie blames herself for having Antoine's near-death experience and decides to leave to the Great Desert to meet up with her Uncle Beauregard Rabbot. On the same day, Nicole the Holo-Lynx was exiled from the Council Of Acorn after her failure to stop the Battle Bird Armada Invasion. With the people being so selfish to understand what Nicole did for them a while ago, Rotor Walrus had resigned from the council to help the Freedom Fighters after their most recent destruction.[7] Sonic, traumatized by recent events, moped about their loses until he was consoled by Tails and Amy that nothing will get back to normal if all they do is sulk. And thus, the Freedom Fighters was broken into two teams–Team Freedom, lead by Rotor, and Team Fighters, lead by Sonic.[8] During their world-tour to stop Eggman, the second Genesis Wave was activated for Eggman and his friend "Albert" to create a whole new reality.[9]

WC Eggman What Did You Do

Super Sonic and Eggman witnessing the birth of their new world, from Sonic the Hedgehog #251.

Much later in the Skull Egg Zone, Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man were successful at defeating the Egg-Wily Machine X robot, along with stopping Eggman's and Wily's plans on creating a whole new universe based on their liking. Eggman, not wanting Sonic to change the world back to normal, decides to mess up Sonic's Chaos Control, which is the only thing that can restore their world back to normal. Whereas Super Armor Mega Man was successful at restoring his world, Sonic was not, as the hedgehog attempting to release the Chaos Control energy, only for it to be shot by Eggman. This resulted in a Chaos Control that not only messed up the entire timeline, but also creating a whole new timeline.[10]


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