This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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The Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehogs is a group that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. They are a royal family comprised of alternate reality counterparts to Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonia the Hedgehog and Manic the Hedgehog. They exist in an alternate dimension, and together they are the rulers of their version of Mobius. Their absolute power over the planet ended up corrupting them, thus turning the siblings into cruel and arrogant tyrants, who held an impoverished Mobius and its inhabitants in an iron grip. After being defeated by their good counterparts and shown how destructive their reign had been to the lives of their citizens, the Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehogs realized the errors of their ways and agreed to restore their kingdom to one of peace and prosperity.


After the Oracle sent them to an alternate-dimension Mobius on a training mission, the Sonic Underground came across alternate versions of themselves that were the rulers of Mobius, but had let the power corrupt them. There was no sign of the alternate trio's version of Queen Aleena, suggesting they had either ruled without her supervision and guidance or that they had eliminated her. Each of the three is seen on a video camera performing cruel deeds for ridiculous reasons; the corrupt Sonic was willing to destroy an entire sector of Mobotropolis for the crime of music having been heard there, the corrupt Manic was imposing heavy taxes that forced his subjects to live in poverty and the corrupt Sonia ordered the imprisonment of not just a man who failed to prepare a diamond necklace for her on time, but his entire family as well.

Their universe's good and honorable Robotnik said that the three of them hadn't set foot outside the palace in years. The Sonic Underground was brought to their world by the Oracle on a mission and were mistaken for their tyrannical counterparts by the resistance set up by the Good Robotnik. After being captured, the siblings were able to persuade the Good Robotnik they were not their counterparts by playing him a song, something the corrupt hedgehogs would never do. Good Robotnik released them, and they then concocted a plan to remove their corrupted selves from a position of power, at least temporarily.


Alternate universe Manic

The Underground first infiltrated the palace by pretending to be the corrupt royals and fired every SWATbot guard they passed (ordering them to pass on the message and saving a cook, tailor and impoverished tax payer along the way). The three then faced off against their respective counterparts. Manic used a vehicle with a suction device (how he got it is neither shown or mentioned) to first suck up the vast wealth his counterpart had accumulated, then informed his counterpart on who he was (at which point the corrupted Manic shouted for his guards, not knowing they had been fired) and then in an attempt suck up the corrupt Manic, trapped him on the machine's hose nozzle. Sonia pretended to be a reflection of her corrupt self in an empty frame her counterpart had mistaken for a mirror, then scared her by shouting "BOO". After informing her confused counterpart on who she was (her exact words being "I'm you, but WAY better, girlfriend"), corrupt Sonia called for her guards but to no avail. She fainted when the Underground Manic appeared with his alternate self still trapped on the machine's nozzle.

Sonic 0

Alternate universe Sonic


Alternate universe Sonia

Sonic then confronted his other self, eating the corrupt Sonic's Chili dogs and commenting on how they were "Dee-lish". The corrupt Sonic got angry and called for his guards, but once again they were not there. Underground Sonic then challenged the corrupt Sonic to a race across the enormous dining room table (in which he would go backwards) and almost won until his counterpart used a gun that traps its victim's feet to make him fall over. He revealed he had re-hired the guards and was awaiting their return, but this was turned against him when Robotnik and his Swatbots came through instead. He attempted to escape, but was stopped when Sonic used his own gun against him.

The three corrupt hedgehogs were then made to see up close the dire state of the populace and repented for their selfishness, though the corrupt Manic resisted at first by saying they needed something (probably money), but he was interrupted by his Underground counterpart who told him to "Look with your eyes, not your mouth bud". They then held a public gathering where the no-longer corrupt Sonic claims they will be good from then on and provide luxuries such as "music and chili dogs for all". On their way home, Queen Aleena (in a vision) informed the Sonic Underground that the point of their mission had been to show Sonic and his siblings precisely what happens when power corrupts.[1]


Though they look almost exactly like their counterparts, with no visible difference between the two Manics, the corrupt Sonia wears a traditional princess-style dress, and the corrupt Sonic has a large belly and visible man breasts. Only the corrupt Manic wears a medallion like his counterpart, though it is unknown if it possesses any magic, or is even his universe's counterpart to the one that Underground Manic wears. Only the corrupt Sonia wears a crown and royal clothes; the corrupt Manic retains his vest and fanny pack, and the corrupt Sonic is naked except for wearing Power Sneakers and white gloves. There is no change in height or vocal intonation with their good counterparts.


The three siblings have personalities similar to their counterparts, albeit darker and more self-involved. Corrupt Sonic was a cruel and lazy glutton who spent most of his time eating chili dogs and not enough time running to burn away the calories; because of this, he became obese. He has ridiculously high standards of taste, firing a cook because he thought his chilli dogs were inadequate, though his counterpart believed they were very delicious. Corrupt Sonia was a vain and bossy narcissist who whined at even minor irritations, such as getting pricked with a pin while having a dress tailored for her. Corrupt Manic is even more greedy than his Underground counterpart and enjoys collecting vast sums of wealth, but unlike his counterpart he taxes rather than steals and has nothing to prevent him from doing this as his siblings do not try to stop him. However, the three quickly reform themselves after learning the errors of their ways, being visibly moved to tears by the poverty they had caused their citizens and vowing to become better rulers from then on.

Powers and abilities

The corrupt Manic and Sonia display no evidence of their counterparts' abilities. The corrupt Sonic does possess super speed, but he is much slower than Underground Sonic, who taunts him by racing backwards and after being tripped immediately challenges him to a rematch and saying he would race backwards on one foot and with his eyes closed. However, the corrupt Sonic also shows a degree of proficiency with firearms, easily hitting Sonic as he sped away with his gun.

It is implied the Alternate hedgehogs are weaker than their mainstream counterparts because they rely on guards and servants for almost everything. The corrupt Sonia fainted after seeing the two Manics, apparently being unable to cope with the concept. On the other hand, the corrupt Sonic shows a level of cunning beyond that of Underground Sonic, cheating when the race goes wrong for him and re-hiring his guards immediately (though he was unaware that they were now against him, assuming the SWATbots that came in with Robotnik were the original guards and not a new force Robotnik brought with him).


  • When their titles are mentioned, they are referred to as "Prince" and "Princess" rather than "King" and "Queen", despite it being made clear that they rule over their Mobius. It is unknown why this may be.
  • Though it is most pronounced in Sonia, the corrupt Sonic and Manic are also quite vain; the Underground first learned of their doppelgangers existence through statues of them in the palace courtyard.
  • The origins of the three are still unknown, as are the answers to many mysteries surrounding them; how they obtained the Swatbots and the location of their relatives being a few.


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