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Thelxe (セルクス Serukusu?) is a character that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. He is a Voxai and one of the "Overmind's elite protectors," as well as probably one of the few who willingly supported their despotic ambitions.


He confronted Thebes at the entrance to Colony Alpha's teleport gate. After being knocked out by Sonic's group, Sonic was given one of the two Great Emeralds and Thebes extracted the teleport code from Thelxe's mind and imprinted it on Sonic's. Thebes stayed behind on Colony Beta, to "keep his mind on" Thelxe.


Number of actions 3
HP 400
Speed 40
Attack 34
Defense 50
Luck 30
Damage 50
Armor 20
Resistance Water (10%)
Ice (25%)
Wind (50%)
Weakness Fire (25%)
Earth (25%)
Lightning (10%)


  • Thelxe is presumably named after Thelxiepeia, one of the named sirens in Greek mythology. The three members of the Overmind whom Thelxe served were also named after sirens.


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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