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The Thickskull Tribe is a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a primitive group of aliens from the prehistoric period of Planet Granite.


Like their nearest neighbours, the Meek Tribe, the Thickskull Tribe are blue-skinned aliens with two tentacles for arms and three tentacles for legs. Unlike the Meeks, however, the Thickskull Tribesmen are burly, strong, and violent, with a passion for attacking their weaker neighbours. They wear loincloths made from patterned yellow fur (resembling leopard print). Their leader also wears a necklace made from teeth or claws. Despite being brutish thugs, they were easily scared when they saw Amy's crossbow, believing it to be powerful magic, and Tekno called them cowards.


One day, the Thickskull Tribe attacked a camp of the Meek Tribe, grabbing them by their tentacles to beat them. The attack was interrupted by Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary. Although the Thickskulls caught Tekno and believed that the two girls (being small like the Meeks) would be easy to crush, Amy frightened them away with her crossbow, which the Thickskull leader believed was "powerful magic".

Nevertheless, the Thickskulls returned later to attack the Meek again. This time, they were surprised to find that the Meeks were laughing at them because fighting was now "old hat", and that "Everyone settles their differences around the tables these days!" The Thickskull leader was disappointed to hear this, having been looking forward to bashing the Meeks' brains in, but nevertheless allowed himself to be guided by the more assertive Meek leader. The two tribes sat down over tea and sandwiches to discuss the cause of the Thickskulls' anger, hinting at the development of a non-violent culture.[1]


  • The name of the tribe is based on the phrase "getting something through a thick skull", meaning to teach something to somebody that is slow or dim-witted.
  • Members of the Thickskill tribe bear an uncanny resemblance to Earl from the Toejam & Earl video game series.

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