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  • I once got some choas emeralds as toys, except the one that was meant to be light blue was ACTUALLY orange. Who thought of an orange chaos emerald anyway? My favourite color is orange and I think it is cool!

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    • Can I ask, does the box the toy came in had a date it was made? Do the Chaos Emeralds themselves look different?

      Before Sonic Adventure which finalized the colours of the emeralds, the emeralds often had the odd colour here and there.

      In Sonic 1 the colours were Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Silver.
      In Sonic 2 they were the same but a purple emerald was added.
      In Sonic 3 the colours were Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Turquise, Silver and Purple.

      Games like Sonic the Fighters and Sonic R had both a yellow and an orange emerald.

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