This object exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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The Time-Immobilizing Ray is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs. It was a machine created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik a few years after his coup, and was designed to freeze any Mobians caught it rays, leaving its victims defenseless. However, the device was destroyed by a young Sonic the Hedgehog.


When activated, the Time-Immobilizing Ray sends out a ray that can cover a wide area instantly, which freezes all Mobians and robots caught in the beam's path. When frozen by this ray, the victims become completely immobile and are locked in a form of suspended animation, though they can still generate body heat, where their subjective sense of time is completely halted by the ray's power, effectively making it look to them as though time itself has stopped from the victims' point of perspective. Once the ray's effects are undone, the victims return to normal and continue their actions and thoughts from the point were they were frozen and with no conscious memories of the time where they were frozen.


The Time-Immobilizing Ray was developed by Dr. Robotnik to immobilize any Mobian caught in the ray's path so the doctor could literally pluck away any Mobian from their home and Roboticize them with minimal effort.

When the Time-Immobilizing Ray was finished, Robotnik had Cluck fire the device from Robotropolis on the Great Forest as a test. The test was evidently successful, and virtually all Mobians inside the Great Forest were frozen in their tracks. Robotnik, his SWATbots and Snively then traveled to the Great Forest to gather the frozen Mobians. Sonic, however, who had avoid the Time-Immobilizing Ray's effect, tricked Robotnik into taking him into his stronghold by pretending to have been frozen as well.

When Robotnik took Sonic to his Time-Immobilizing Ray to gloat over his impending victory, Sonic abandoned his ruse, and began rapidly pressing all the buttons on the Time-Immobilizing Ray's control panel. As a result, the Time-Immobilizing Ray overloaded, which unfreezed all the Mobians it had frozen while freezing Robotnik's forces. As Sonic then tried to escape, he got some SWATbots to destroy the Time-Immobilizing Ray, which undid all the ray's effects. The Time-Immobilizing Ray's destruction also meant that it would take years for Robotnik to build another.