Time Break (タイムブレイク Taimu Bureiku?) is a technique used exclusively by Sonic the Hedgehog. It first appeared in Sonic and the Secret Rings as one of Sonic's special actions and later as a Skill in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It allows Sonic to slow down time.


Time Break's effects are very similar to the time-altering properties of Chaos Control. When performing this move, Sonic can slow down the flow of time, thus slowing down everything around him and giving the player more time to react. Unlike Chaos Control, however, Time Break also slow down Sonic, meaning that though Time Break grants the player more time to react to danger, the player still have to choose their next move in good time.

When Time Break is in use, the game screen turns to gray-scale with several after-shadow effects in the environment. A heartbeat can also be heard while it is in use.

Game appearances

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Time Break first appeared in Sonic and the Secret Rings, where Sonic could only perform Time Break under the supervision of Shahra and his Flame of Judgment curse. When Sonic is performing Time Break, he shouts "Time Break". Sonic first learned Time Break in Lost Prologue Paragraph 10.

In order to perform Time Break, Sonic's Soul Gauge must contain enough Soul Energy to reach the burning point (color turns orange). In gameplay, it is activated by pressing Down on the Wii Remote and to deactivate it, the player must press Down on the Wii Remote again. Using Time Break also drains Sonic's Soul Gauge, so if he runs out of Soul Energy, the move will also end.

During the final battle with Alf Layla wa-Layla, it was shown that Sonic can also use Time Break as Darkspine Sonic as well, and could do so without Shahra's ring.

Sonic Generations

Both - Time Break

Time Break's icon.

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, Time Break appears as an equippable Skill for Sonic. It retains its effects from Sonic and the Secret Rings, except that it can be used indefinitely and works for about ten seconds at a time. To activate Time Break in gameplay, the player must press XboxY/PSTriangleButton.

To unlock Time Break, the player can buy it at the Skill Shop after defeating the Time Eater. It can be equipped to both Classic and Modern Sonic and costs 80 Skill Points to be equipped.


  • Time Break is the exact opposite of Speed Break, as it decreases Sonic's speed.
  • Time Break is the only one of the two special abilities Sonic has in Sonic and the Secret Rings that he uses in a cutscene.
  • Before the game was released, during the final boss, there was a planned combo of the Speed and Time Breaks, but it was removed from the game.[citation needed]

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