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Time Stop (タイムストップ Taimusu Toppu?) is a monitor power-up that appears in Sonic Chaos. It is used exclusively in the game's Special Stages to freeze time.


The monitors with Time Stop feature a yellow and white clock icon on their screen.


In the Special Stages of Sonic Chaos where the player has a limited time to find the Chaos Emerald, picking up Time Stop causes the timer and everything else that is constantly moving in the Special Stage to be frozen, with the exception of Sonic himself. The effect of Time Stop only lasts for a short while, though; after a few moments, everything affected by Time Stop will resume their progress from when they were frozen.


  • The Time Bonus item in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble is very similar to Time Stop with the exception of an altered color scheme and being able to revert the timer back to its full limit instead of freezing the time.

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