Quotation1 Titans are tougher than Golems. They have thicker armor and their smashing fist attacks unleash larger shock waves. However, the titan has the exact same weak spot as the Golem, the skull. When you attack the exposed glowing purple core, it takes half the normal number of strikes to destroy a titan Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog Official Guide

The Titans are an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are supernatural beasts conjured and is summoned by Iblis. They made their first encounter in Flame Core in Sonic and Shadow's case, and in Aquatic Base in Silver's case.


Like the Golem, Titans are giants of modified-lava material, encased in cooled molten earth that acts as armor. However, compared to the flaming red-orange hue of their Golem counterparts, the Titans have a more black-purple coloration, like with the Stalkers and Gazers.


The Titans' basic traits are very similar to the Golems'. However they have stronger armor, that even Psychokinesis-based attacks cannot penetrate. They have increased strength, capable of creating small shockwaves when slamming into the ground. They can also create molten boulders that they can throw at foes to deal damage. Eventually though, the Titan will expose the core on its skull. Attacking the Titan at that point defeat it in just two hits. Otherwise, the Titan takes six hits to be destroyed.





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