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Toriri (トリリ?) are a brand of badniks made by Dr. Eggman that exclusively appear in the video game, Sonic Labyrinth. These badniks appear in the first stage, the Labyrinth of the Sky.



Toriri v2

Toriri badniks are based off of a penguin or from a bird. Their torso and head are colored black, while its flippers are shown to be light blue. Their feet and beak are colored yellow, and they have jet engines on their back, which spew out fire, indicating the badniks are traveling at a fast pace.

Attack pattern

The attack pattern for the Toriri badniks is simple: the badniks will simply jet around the level, trying to aim for the player, who controls Sonic the Hedgehog. Only a Spin Dash can destroy these badniks.


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