Town Mission 6: The Mystery of the Ghost is the sixth Town Mission in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


It takes place in the Forest. A phasmophobic man called Mancini is feeling petrified, as flashing lights and loud sounds have led him to believe there is a ghost in the forest. He tells Shadow, a G.U.N. agent who he trusts, to investigate and attempt to dispose of this supposed phantom. It turns out that there actually isn't a ghost; it was Badniks that caused Mancini to make this hasty conclusion.


This Town Mission requires the player to destroy all the robots in the forest. However, some groups of robots are accompanied by an Egg Sweeper, a crab-like robot which can turn invisible, and when one of these is destroyed, everything around it goes down with it. Begin the mission by defeating one of the first three Egg Sweepers. After that, take down the robots on the barrels and on the tree, and then use a spring to reach the top of the tree and destroy the enemies up there. Jump down and defeat the Egg Sweeper along with the surrounding robots, and from there, deal with the large groups of various enemies; it is helpful to use the radar to find them. Finish off by destroying the final Egg Sweeper and the remaining robots. The Town Mission is cleared when every enemy has been defeated.

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