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Town Mission 9: Car Festival

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Town Mission 9: Car Festival is the ninth Town Mission in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


It takes place on the highway of New City, Soleanna. An amateur racing driver named Prodi and his team have come last in Soleanna's car festival (a race around Soleanna) for five years running. Schultz, a well-respected professional driver, has won first place in the competition each time. The negative reputation of Prodi's team means that no one is willing to drive for them, so he makes a request for Shadow to participate in the race and beat his opponents to the finish line.


There is a time limit of five minutes to complete this slightly difficult Town Mission. Shadow's vehicle is a large buggy which is a little faster than the other cars, although these competitors are no pushovers. When the mission begins, the player should cruise down the highway at full speed, using boost where necessary. Bumping the vehicles, walls or barricades will provide a significant hindrance, so it is recommended to avoid crashing into anything. The Town Mission is cleared when the player reaches the finish line in first place in under five minutes.

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