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The toxic marsh[1] is an obstacle that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a chemical weapon employed by the Black Arms.


The toxic marsh is a pool of green poisonous liquids that is utilized by the Black Arms as a weapon against the GUN forces.[2]


The toxic marsh is spread across a large portion of Central City, covering large chunks of streets, with only the sidewalks remaining safe. In gameplay, touching this substance will damage the player, so it makes it difficult to move through the stage. The player’s best option to traverse these areas is to either use the Hero/Dark Shadow states while crossing the toxic marsh or to use a vehicle to ride over it.

Reference list

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  2. Sonic Team (15 November 2005). Shadow the Hedgehog. GameCube. Sega. Area/Level: Central City Doom's Eye: "This is a Black Arms contaminant weapon. Be advised to stay clear of it."

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