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Toxomister (プワゾーン Puwazōn?, lit. "Puwazone"),[1] or Toximister,[2] is a Badnik from Sonic & Knuckles found in Lava Reef Zone.



This Badnik appears as a mechanical tube with a drooping eye with a pink eyelid. The eye produces a toxic purple cloud of mist that floats up—or down, depending on whether or not the Badnik is on the ceiling. If Sonic or Knuckles touches the cloud, the cloud will stick on to him, making him lose Rings at the rate of one a second and making his jump height decrease. If the cloud is on Sonic or Knuckles and he has no rings, he instantly loses a life. The player can get rid of the cloud by simply spinning into it or doing a Spin Dash. To destroy the Badnik, which will also destroy any cloud it is producing, simply jump on the eye atop the mechanical tube.

Mist can still stick on to a player and cause them to lose rings when even when they are invincible, have a shield, or are in Super/Hyper form. This would double the rate at which the character loses rings as there are two different effects draining rings at a rate of one ring per second.

Overall, this Badnik has a very similar effect to the Mega Choppers of the Hydrocity Zone.


  • The Japanese name "Puwazone" is likely a mangling of the English word "Poison".


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