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Toy Kingdom (トイキングダム Toikingudamu?) is the fourth Zone in Sonic Advance 3. It is one of the parts of the earth that Dr. Eggman created when he broke the planet apart with Chaos Control.


Different sorts of toys are scattered throughout the level that serve either as gimmicks, obstacles or enemies; these include springs that come out of boxes and toy soldier enemies. There are also elephant slides and panda Tea-cups for the player to ride, also suggesting it could be a theme park aimed at small children. Like the other even numbered zones, this zone ends with a mini-boss fight with Gemerl. If the player has Sonic in the lead and finishes Act 3, Amy Rose will be unlocked for use in story and Time Attack.


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In keeping with this Zone's theme, Dr. Eggman uses a Jack-in-the-box as the boss of the place. Unlike other (major) Boss battles, Gemerl plays a major role in this battle. The boss begins with Dr. Eggman appearing from inside the box and Gemerl appearing as the "Jack" coming out if the top.

Eggman does not attack at all in this boss, all he does is make the boss move slowly to the left of the screen, if he makes it to the end of the screen he will sweep back and fourth almost guarantying death. When you hit Eggman, he'll disappear into the box, and Gemerl will attack. Gemerl's first attack is to launch into the sky as a rocket, and slam down into the player. His second attack is to leap out of the box in a huge spiked mine, (to the left) and slowly scrape his way back to the box. Gemerl's third "attack" is to simply jump out of the box as a Jack, not attacking at all- just don't touch him or the top part of the box. Eggman deploys Toy Soldier Badniks out of the box, three at a time.


  • Amy is listed as the last character in the intro and character select screen, implying Cream would be unlocked here instead of Amy.
  • There is a large toy store chain in the Philippines with the same name.




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