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Transform gate

A Transformation Gate.

The Transformation Gate is a gimmick that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. They are gates which mark the spot where racers' vehicles transform modes during races.


A Transformation Gate is simply a circular blue frame. It does not have any specific shape, and is "docked" in some parts of the race tracks.


Transformation Gates appear at various specified points on each track. Once a racer steers his or her vehicle through the gate, his/her vehicle transforms into one of its three alternate forms: car, boat, or plane. The form that the vehicle transforms into depends on the layout of the racing track that lies beyond the Transformation Gate.

If the player flips, roll, etc. in mid-air after passing through the Transformation Gate and makes the landing, it will perform a "Transform Boost", granting a boost of speed to them.

List of gates

Dragon Cup

Ocean View

Location Transformation Laps
Gatesun1 zpsb9da9c2d Water/Boat Only Lap 3

Samba Studios

Location Transformation Laps
Gatesamba1 zps4a259569 Water/Boat All laps
Gatesamba2 zpse212436c Water/Boat All laps

Carrier Zone

Location Transformation Laps
Gatecarrier1 zpsc37cc9ca Sky/Air All laps
Gatecarrier2 zps236afd29 Water/Boat All laps

Dragon Canyon

Location Transformation Laps
Gatedragon1 zps5130257f Water/Boat Lap 2 only
Sky/Air Lap 3 only


  • It is possible to bypass Transformation Gates but recent patches of the game in some versions prevent this from happening.

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