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Chao transfer

Sonic utilizing a Transporter Machine in Sonic Adventure 2.

The Transporter Machine, also called the VMU Machine, Chao Machine or Chao Transporter, is a machine that appears in the original Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. It was later succeeded/replaced by another device.


The Transporter Machine is located exclusively in each of the respective game's Chao Gardens. To activate it, the player has to push the red button on the foot of the machine. Should the player be carrying a Chao when it is activated, it allows the player to deposit their Chao within the Dreamcast VMU so they can take their Chao with them.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

The Transporter Machine appeared for the first time in the original Sonic Adventure. When used, all the player has to do is choose which available slot in the VMU where the Chao must be deposited.

When transferred onto the VMU, the Chao will take part in Chao Adventure, a VMU game where players can look after their Cao and observe their travels.

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2, the Transporter Machine was renamed Chao Transporters. Otherwise, they function in the same way as before. It is even possible to transfer Chao from Sonic Adventure to the new Chao Gardens available in Chao World.

When transferred onto the VMU, the Chao will take part in Chao Adventure 2, a VMU game where players can look after their Chao and observe their travels.

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