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Trap Tower

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Trap Tower is the fourth zone in SegaSonic the Hedgehog.

This level is a key towards Eggman's Tower, but the player must pass more levels to actually get there.


At the beginning of the stage, the player is pursued down a long straight path by what appears to be a large metal gear-like cylinder. The direction changes, and the chase resumes, except this path includes additional death traps such as electrical obstacles and spike traps on hinges that slam down on the floor at regular intervals. Once more, the direction changes, but this time, the path has boxes that release Rings once broken open. At the end of the path, the player must climb up a wall that appears to be dotted with bombs that explode as the player nears them. After the player reaches the top, there is a short path that leads to the end of the stage.



  • In the Revision A prototype of the game, it is listed simply as Trap Zone.


SegaSonic OST - Trap Tower (Stage 4)06:12

SegaSonic OST - Trap Tower (Stage 4)

Trap Tower Music


SegaSonic the Hedgehog - Trap Tower01:42

SegaSonic the Hedgehog - Trap Tower

Trap Tower playthrough