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Treasure Scanner is a Skill used by Classic Sonic in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. When equipped, this Skill lets Sonic see hidden items.


Sonic Generations 2015-1-5-18-27-54-704

Classic Sonic using the Treasure Scanner to reveal a Spring.

When using Treasure Scanner, it emits a beeping noise that grows faster the closer Sonic gets to an object that is otherwise hidden from sight, such as Item Boxes or Springs. When close enough, it will also automatically causes a black sphere to surround the hidden object. This makes it easier to uncover hidden objects.

To unlock Treasure Scanner, the player must collect all five Red Star Rings from Green Hil Act 1. It will then automatically become available in the player's inventory. It can only be equipped to Classic Sonic and costs forty Skill Points to be equipped.

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