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Triangle Jump (三角跳び Sankaku tobi?) is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Espio the Chameleon. It was first introduced in Sonic Heroes and later reappeared in Shadow the Hedgehog. When performing this move, the user jumps between adjacent walls.


This move is similar to the Wall Jump maneuver, except that the user can only move horizontally across the walls. When approaching two walls that are close to one another, the user launches a Homing Attack into the wall to grab onto it. The user can then jump directly horizontally from one wall to another. Depending on the user's inherent abilities, the user can either continuously hang onto the wall or even run along it.

The Triangle Jump is primarily used to cross over large gaps or bottomless pits. By performing the Triangle Jump on closely placed adjacent walls above such gabs while moving forward, the player can cross over them. However, it cannot be used on walls that are too far apart, and is as such restricted to exclusive areas designed for its usage.

Game Appearance

Sonic Heroes


The Triangle Jump first appeared in Sonic Heroes where it is a Speed Formation maneuver used by Sonic the Hedgehog on Team Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog on Team Dark and Espio the Chameleon on Team Chaotix. In this game, when Sonic and Shadow use the Triangle Jump, they can only cling to the wall they jump onto for a short time before falling off, while Espio can cling to the wall on for an unlimited amount of time.

To perform the Triangle Jump in gameplay, the selected team has to be in Speed Formation with the Speed type member as the leader. The player then has to launch the Homing Attack towards the wall to grab onto it and press PSXButton/XboxA/A Button GameCube v2 to jump between the walls. By moving forward or backwards with the movement controls while jumping, the player can jump forward or backwards between the walls.

Shadow the Hedgehog

The Triangle Jump reappeared later in Shadow the Hedgehog where it was only used by Shadow. In this game, while Shadow can only cling to the wall the player has used Triangle Jump on briefly, he is also able to move around on the wall he has grabbed onto, though only for a short time. The method to performing the Triangle Jump in gameplay in this game is the same as in Sonic Heroes, though to make Shadow walk on the walls he has jumped onto, the player has to use the movement controls.

Sonic Heroes

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