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Trituna is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an underwater Zone that lies somewhere off the bay of the Beanson Coast Zone. Its inhabitants are marine creatures that cannot breathe on land. The Zone Leader was Sharka Khan.


Agent X visited Trituna with an offer from Doctor Robotnik. He gave them a serum that would allow the residents to survive outside water, and said that if they defeated Sonic the Hedgehog they would be given a couple of surface Zones to rule when Robotnik returned to power. Zone Leader Sharka Khan agreed to the deal and sent his strongest fighters to the Beanson Coast Zone to fulfill Agent X's wishes and defeat Sonic.[1] The hedgehog proved to be too strong for them. Furthermore, they were forced back into the ocean when Robotnik's serum wore off. Sonic followed in a diving suit built by Tekno the Canary and exposed Khan as a coward, planning to run off and start a new Zone away from Trituna. The warriors turned against Sharka Khan, stating that they'd never wanted to invade the surface world anyway, and they decided to rule Trituna themselves.[2]

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