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For the species in the Archie Comics, see Troll (Archie).

Trolls are characters that appear in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are gigantic, green-colored monsters that exist within the World of Camelot. They are enslaved beasts that pull wagons across Titanic Plain, seemingly enjoying their enslavement.[1]



Trolls are giant creatures that are titanic in size, being countless stories high. They are all colored green, with a red ragged kilt being held on by a golden belt. They have white fangs with a blue tongue, two chains wrapped across their torso, and blue toe nails. Each of their feet are chained by large black wrecking balls, which helps keep them in check.

Characteristics and culture

Despite their intimidating size, the trolls are actually used because of their amiable character and can be quite friendly.[2]


Trolls are only seen in the Titanic Plain area, where they pull wagons across the fields. Sonic the Hedgehog with Caliburn comes across these trolls during the level, where they serve as a obstacle (although given how the route is already laid out, it is impossible to accidentally be hit by a troll).


Concept artwork



  1. Sonic and the Black Knight gallery, vault 1, image 005: "Image of the trolls and wagons. Even with chains around their feet they look like they might be having fun."
  2. Sonic and the Black Knight official US site. Titanic Plains. Sega. “Once a popular tourist spot, only the shattered remains of the megalithic civilization scattered aroud these grassy plains serve as a reminder of better times. An epicenter of much ofthe suffering in the kingdom, lumbering giant trolls transport captured people from all over the world to the Titanic Plains. Despite their intimidating size, the trolls are actually used because of their amiable character and can be quite friendly.”
Sonic and the Black Knight

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