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The trolley[1][2] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a halloween-themed trolley and the Bobsled's railway counterpart.


The trolley is a small wood cart with a wheel and a candle on the front and a kranium on the rear. It also has a leash for steering it.


The trolley can be found in every playable team's version of Mystic Mansion, except Team Chaotix's, and are found at the beginning of railways. When boarding the trolley, the playable team automatically switches to Fly Formation for the duration of the ride and the trolley will move down its railway. Like the Bobsled, the team's Speed character speeds the trolley up, the Power characters steers it, and the Fly character lets it jump.

On the trolley, the player can ride through breakable obstacles and enemies without harm, except pumpkin ghosts. Every time the trolley takes damage, one character falls off. If everyone falls off, the player loses a life. Completing a trolley course awards the player with a Power Core to the character who was team leader before the ride.

In gameplay, the player must press XboxA/PSXButton to make the trolley jump and XboxX/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO to make it brake.


  • The trolley's controls are identical to the bobsled's.



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