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Not to be confused with Tropical Jungle or Tropical Resort.

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Quotation1 The beaches of Tropical Coast are not as they seem. Packed full of seaside Badniks out to take down Sonic the Hedgehog, he must use all his might to blast across islands and even go underwater! Quotation2
Sonic Lost World Website[1]

Tropical Coast (トロピカルコースト Toropikaru Kōsuto?) is the third world of Sonic Lost World. The Zone takes place inside an underwater tube.[2]


Wii U Version

Zone 1

Zone 1 of Tropical Coast on the Wii U version takes place in an open-spaced environment, similar to the first stages of previous Zones such as Windy Hill. The location takes place by a beach shore area, with palm trees and Badniks taking usage of the land. Water overflows into fountains that Sonic the Hedgehog can use to jump on to reach a higher ledge. The Orange Wisp is found in this Zone and can be used to activate the Orange Rocket. The Yellow Wisp is present in this Zone, allowing Sonic to drill through to the other side of the tube and move freely underwater, collecting Rings before the gauge runs out and Sonic is sent back to the other side.

Zone 2

Zone 2 takes place in another tropical beach area, only this Zone is filled with giant fruits as the main gimmick and obstacle. These consist of a giant apple which will follow Sonic and will damage him on contact, a giant pineapple that will repel from Sonic should he get close to it and a giant watermelon that will follow Sonic and damage him on contact like the apple but at certain intervals, the watermelon will jump into the air, creating a shockwave upon landing. The player will need to lure these fruits into the spinning bladed blender which will create a path of fruit juice that will transport him/her to progress through the Zone. The player must be careful not to land in the spinning bladed blender or it is an instant death. The Orange Wisp is found in this Zone and lets Sonic transform into the Orange Rocket. Master Zik is battled at the end of the Zone, where he chases Sonic atop a giant fruit.

Zone 3

Zone 3 takes place in an entire underwater tube, where Sonic must grind on grind rails and avoid giant, mechanical eels that can defeat the hedgehog. Minecarts also are seen moving along on the grind rails, either ahead or behind Sonic as he grinds through the zone. Sonic must jump over them or he will take damage. This zone has two segments; a completely behind-the-back perspective while grinding and a 2.5D segment, featuring Nebula Badniks.

Zone 4

Zone 4 also features the Orange Wisp and the second boss fight against Master Zik.

Zone ?

In this Zone, the player starts by running on a grassy platform toward a Cannon. Once launched, a strong air stream lifts Sonic up in the sky which a lot of familiar and new Badniks come in the view. In this stage, the player can descend by holding the Homing Attack button and leave it to ascend. There is only one point marker in this zone, and the player will encounter a platform above him with a lot of buzzsaw-like flowers to avoid. The Zone ends once the player reaches the BFB which requires to descend beneath it, but above the Bottomless pit. Afterward, the player will reach the Capsule.

Nintendo 3DS Version

Zone 1

Zone 1 of Tropical Coast mainly contains spiked islands that Sonic has to cross to progress.

Zone 2

013 thumb11

Sonic standing on a piece of land

Zone 2 starts on a small Island inside a large tube in which Sonic must defeat four Moto Bugs to unlock a giant spring which will bring Sonic to another island which Sonic will have to roll two apples into a hole. Doing so will unlock another spring and which will take the player back to the small island.

Now the player has to toll the apples into the juicer to elevate the island. After that enemies will appear and Sonic will have to destroy them in order to unlock the next island. The player will have to repeat the actions from rolling apples into holes and unlocking springs, to juicing apples then to destroying Badniks.

Eventually, the player will obtain the Ivory Wisp, on the 2nd island, it can be used to obtain a Red Star Ring or other uses.

Zone 3

Zone 3 is a 3D stage where the player uses the Drill Wisp. It can also help him/her when going inside waterspout.

Other game appearances

Sonic Runners


  • Tropical Coast Zone 3 is similar to Aquarium Park from Sonic Colors.
  • Zone ? uses the same background music as Sky Road Zone 1.
  • The underwater tube from Zone 3 is similar to Aquarium Park Act 1 from Sonic Colors where Sonic is skydiving in the tube.
  • The name Tropical Coast is strikingly similar to the name Tropical Resort from Sonic Colors.
  • In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, the player can find Blue Material in the Zones if the player finishes the stage successfully.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Tropical Coast - Zone 1 Tomoya Ohtani 3:28
Tropical Coast - Zone 1
Juice Archipelago Tomoya Ohtani 3:32
Juice Archipelago
Sea Bottom Segue Tomoya Ohtani 5:43
Sea Bottom Segue


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