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Sonic Advance 2
True Area 53

True Area 53, or Truth Area 53, is the true final Zone in Sonic Advance 2. It consists of a true final boss battle, which is fought as Super Sonic. True Area 53 can be accessed after the player defeats the final boss of XX with Sonic with all the Chaos Emeralds and beating the game with all the other characters. The boss is a different type of mech controlled by Dr. Eggman.

Eggman's mech has an appearance of a crooked-gun. It is mostly orange with some black and yellow stripes. Some of the lines are either gray or purple and it has orange headlights. An Egg Mobile is located on top of the mech's cockpit.

Super Sonic had to fight against the mech to free Vanilla and the captured Flickies (which were trapped inside a pod after being sucked inside the mech, as shown in the cutscene).


After losing to Sonic, Dr. Eggman found Cream's mother Vanilla in a meadow with some Animals and used his mech to capture them while cloaked. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream and Cheese arrived just as Eggman flew away. Cream couldn't do anything more than watch as Eggman got away with her mother and cry. Sonic, seeing Cream in tears, uses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Sonic slyly gives Cream a thumbs up and chases after Eggman.


During the fight, Eggman will fire a couple of waves of energy balls at the player in various patterns. He will then fire missiles which the player must deflect them back at the cockpit and damage the mech using the Super Sonic Boost. Also Eggman will fire small energy orbs at Super Sonic's direction. From the second wave of missiles and onwards, Eggman will fire a laser which will freeze Super Sonic if he is hit. He will then inevitably be sucked in by a vacuum on Eggman's mech, causing him to lose rings while on the inside and be spit back out. However, if the player is attacked before being hit by the laser, Super Sonic will not be frozen but Eggman's mech vacuum will still activate. To avoid this, the player can just repeatedly boost away from it. As the fight progresses, Eggman will fire the laser at different phases of his missiles (either during or after the wave of missiles). Near the end of the fight, Eggman will perform a spin attack towards Super Sonic, making it harder to aim the missiles at Eggman while doing so. After enough hits, the mech is defeated.

After the mech is defeated, the capsule will start to fall to the planet. Super Sonic then tries to stop its fall, but the capsule breaks and Sonic loses his Super Form and Vanilla is falling. Sonic tries to save her and manages to grab her hand just in time. Sonic makes a safe landing and Cream embraces her mother with tears in her eyes. While Tails and Knuckles watch the loving moment, Sonic runs off for another adventure.






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Sonic Advance 2 Original Soundtrack - 15 Extra Zone True Area 53


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Sonic Advance 2 - True Area 53

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