Turbo Turtle[1][note 1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Mania. It is a mass-produced, turtle-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


The Turbo Turtles are turtle-based Badniks that are colored gray with yellow chest plating. They have green shells, along with a pair of red straps to help them carry a giant gray-colored fan on their backs.


Turbo Turtles appear as enemies in both Acts of Titanic Monarch Zone. In gameplay, they waddle side by side. However, they will activate their fans when a playable character gets close and release a non-damaging gust of wind in their direction, be it either horizontally or vertically. This gust of wind has the same properties as a fan, meaning the characters will either come to a halt when trying to run directly against the wind or be carried upward when coming down on the wind from above.

A simple Spin Attack can defeat this Badnik, releasing an Animal inside. However, the fans makes it difficult to get close enough to this Badnik to destroy it.

Powers and abilities

The Turbo Turtles come equipped with large fans which can produce non-lethal winds powerful enough to bring opponents like Sonic the Hedgehog to a stop when he is running at full tilt against them.




  1. While not listed in any instruction manuals, the internal files in the PC release of Sonic Mania refers to this enemy as "TurboTurtle".


  1. Live Sonic Mania Developer Playthrough (3:40:11). Stealth (20 August 2017). Retrieved on 22 August 2017. “Stealth: I do remember him. His name is Turbo Turtle.”

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