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Tusk Luza

Tusk Luza, from Sonic the Hedgehog #55.

Tusk Luza was a Mobian warthog and local rabble rouser from Mobotropolis. Luza coined the term "Robian" as a description for someone who was roboticized.


After Mobotropolis was retaken after the First Robotnik War, Tusk Luza led an angry mob in cornering the roboticized Fanny Dupin, who had been seen sneaking around one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's factories. Tusk was suspicious of her actions, feeling that any robot caught in one of Robotnik's labs had to be up to no good.

Although Fanny was saved by the intervention of Sir Charles Hedgehog (a "Robian" himself), Tusk considered this proof that Robians would stick together no matter what. Tusk refused to accept Fanny's story that she had gone to the factory on a dare from her friends, and said that Robians couldn't be trusted since they had so recently been Robotnik's puppets. Tusk demanded that they take the matter before Princess Sally to resolve the issue, to which Charles agreed.

Sally was on a mission at the time, and so the group instead found themselves in an audience with the still-ailing King Acorn instead. The King's half-crystalline appearance shocked Tusk Luza and his mob. Despite his misgivings about the Robians, even Tusk was taken aback when the King suddenly ordered the immediate dismantling of all roboticized citizens. (StH #55)

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