Twinkle Circuit is a sub game in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


It's located near the entrance to Twinkle Park. Sonic, Amy, and Big have access to it after they beat Twinkle Park. Tails, Knuckles, and Gamma can access it after finding a cart pass. By completing Twinkle Circuit with a character, the player receives an emblem.


Twinkle Circuit is a wide-open circuit littered with jumps, Rings, and Dash Panels, and is visually very similar to the opening section of Twinkle Park. Every time the player passes a Dash Panel, they will leave an after-image. It is possible, at certain jumps, to fly off at an angle and fall off the circuit, costing the player valuable time; there are also certain jumps where, if the player is travelling slowly enough, they will fail to reach the other side and fall off. Collecting Rings causes the player's Bumper Car to gain speed.


  • The music of Twinkle Circuit can be heard when Tails' plane malfunctions at the start of his and Sonic's stories.
  • If the character the player is playing as doesn't usually have access to the Twinkle Park Action Stage, look for a Pass Card in the grass next to the Twinkle Park entrance to gain admittance. All characters' adventures must be complete before the player can enter.



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