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Twinkle Park (トゥインクルパーク Tuinkuru Pāku?) is an action stage in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


The stage is based off of a theme park, and every part of it is designed to give off a magical feel, with neon lights and sparkly objects everywhere. This stage is playable as Sonic, Amy, and Big as their fifth, first, and first stages respectively.

After being shot down in the Tornado, Sonic is looking for Tails, when Amy finds him, and follows him to Twinkle Park, where she gets excited when she notices a sign stating that "cute couples can get in free". She instantly enters the park, much to Sonic's dismay, who is forced to chase after her.

Big's reason for coming to Twinkle Park was that he followed Froggy there, and must try to catch him in the pool in the park.



Twinkle Park

Sonic in Twinkle Park's roller coaster

Sonic starts out on a race track with enemies driving bumper cars around. Sonic must defeat an enemy and steal its bumper car, then take to the track. After this area, Sonic jumps in a roller coaster, then proceeds to run through a variety of amusement park obstacles built around a castle.


  • Level C - Destroy the capsule and rescue the animals!
  • Level B - Collect 50 rings and destroy the capsule!
  • Level A - Destroy the capsule within 3 minutes.


Amy starts out by the large swimming pool where she must push three buttons in a certain amount of time to proceed. Afterwards, she heads into the castle, which turns out to be a giant house of mirrors. Afterwards, she proceeds through a short section of Sonic's level before finishing and grabbing the balloon.


  • Level C - Evade Zero and grab the balloon!
  • Level B - Collect 50 rings and grab the balloon!
  • Level A - Grab the balloon within 2 minutes


Big also starts out in the giant swimming pool area, where he is tasked with catching Froggy. The area is very small, and there aren't many fish here, which can make catching large fish for Big's "B" and "A" rank missions somewhat difficult.


  • Level C - Fish for and catch Froggy!
  • Level B - Catch a 1000g fish and Froggy!
  • Level A - Catch a 2000g fish and Froggy!

In other media

Sonic X

Twinke Park Sonic X

Twinkle Park in Sonic X.

In the Sonic X comic series, Twinkle Park is a theme park located in Station Square. In this media, it is very different in terms of layout, being an outdoor amusement part with a variety of rides.

Archie Comics

Main article: Twinkle Park (Archie)
Twinkle Park Flooded

Twinkle Park in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Twinkle Park is an attraction in Station Square, its layout and past history being identical to that of the games. When the Shattered World Crisis hit, Twinkle Park was severely affected, forcing the New Freedom Fighters to evacuate the visitors.


  • Many people associate this stage with Amy due to it's important in the overlapping parts of her's and Sonic's story as well as it being her first stage and it being the only stage to have an section that Sonic Doesn't enter.
  • The music in the first section of this level is a remix of the Panic Puppet Zone (Mega Drive version) music from Sonic 3D Blast. It is also the music played at the Intro of Sonic 3D Blast.
  • When riding on a bumper car, the car speeds up and accelerates faster the more rings that are collected, eventually capping out at 99. Collecting large amounts of rings is essential if the player wants to travel at high speeds.
  • After a certain point, on the grass triangle outside Twinkle Park, the Cart Pass becomes available for all characters. This allows characters not otherwise available (a.k.a Tails) to participate in the bumper car section.
  • Tails, Knuckles, and E-102 Gamma can also get into Twinkle Park through the use of glitches and/or debug mode. They will start in the bumper car's section; however, the game will put them in an area below the starting point, falling into a bottomless pit forever. If Knuckles or Gamma glides/hovers long enough, they will eventually find the track and can proceed into the level (without hacks, Tails can't do this, as his flying ability doesn't last long enough). If the player attempts to enter a bumper car, or attempts to use the bowling launcher with any character besides Sonic, the game will crash.
  • In Sonic's story, a major short cut can be found right after the roller coaster section. By holding left as you are ejected from the coaster, you won't fall down the hole. You can then run backwards and fall off the edge, landing on a hidden platform. From here, you can Spin Dash to the swimming pool, thus skipping a large portion of the stage. This helps immensely with Sonic's A-rank mission.
  • A section of the 'Pleasure Castle' theme can be heard at White Park Zone Act 2 in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.
  • Outside of Twinkle Park, there is an orange ball with a star in the middle which suspiciously looks like a Dragon Ball from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • The Black Hover Cart is the fastest out of all the hover carts.
  • Every character is accessible to the part outside the castle, though Amy is the only character that can go inside it.



Sonic Adventure DX OST Twinkle Park (Twinkle Cart)02:05

Sonic Adventure DX OST Twinkle Park (Twinkle Cart)

Sonic Adventure - Twinkle Park Pleasure Castle07:01

Sonic Adventure - Twinkle Park Pleasure Castle

Sonic Adventure DX OST Twinkle Park (Fakery Way)01:10

Sonic Adventure DX OST Twinkle Park (Fakery Way)


Sonic Adventure DX - Sonic Story Twinkle Park - Parte 6 PC Steam07:47

Sonic Adventure DX - Sonic Story Twinkle Park - Parte 6 PC Steam

Sonic Adventure DX - Twinkle Park - Amy03:20

Sonic Adventure DX - Twinkle Park - Amy

Sonic Adventure DX Twinkle Park (Big) 1080 HD00:52

Sonic Adventure DX Twinkle Park (Big) 1080 HD

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