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Sonic Advance 3
Twinkle Snow

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Twinkle Snow (トゥインクルスノー To~uinkurusunō?) is the fifth Zone in Sonic Advance 3. It is one of the parts of the earth that Dr. Eggman created when he broke the planet apart with Chaos Control.


It is an ice-themed Zone, containing platforms that must be crouched upon to lower and spring upward. All three Acts of this zone have water. Sometimes, the player will have to ride on a minecart to get through sections. The northern lights appear above the mountains in the background of this cold zone. The boss chases you up falling platforms in a giant igloo. The zone is also littered with lots of wooden platforms.


The boss of this zone is the Egg Chaser. The Egg Chaser keeps rising, so the player must use the platforms to avoid falling. Jumping off of the platforms will drop them. This is how the Egg Chaser will be damaged. Eventually, the Egg Chaser will launch a spiked ball at the player, which must be avoided. After eight hits (six in easy mode), the Egg Chaser will be defeated.




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