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Ultra-Duck from Sonic the Comic #128. Black and white art by Bob Corona, colour by Nigel Dobbyn.

Big Bill Screwloose is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a brilliant engineer who worked for Robotnik. After Robotnik was deposed, he masqueraded as a superhero named Ultra-Duck in an attempt to discredit real heroes like Amy Rose, Tekno the Canary and Shortfuse the Cybernik. As Ultra-Duck, he wore red boxer shorts with white polka dots, a blue vest and gloves, a yellow cape, and a black domino mask.


Ultra-Duck rebuilt old Badniks and programmed them to lose. He ensured that he was always first on the scene when the Badniks came to attack, beating Amy to the fight three times in one week and also upstaging Shortfuse a few times as well. His last such performance was in the Sunshine Valley Zone, where he publicly called on "older" heroes to retire and was lauded as the Zone's favourite hero.

However, Tekno the Canary was able to determine Ultra-Duck's reprogramming by examining the remains of the Badniks he had destroyed. When two real Badniks came to attack the Emerald Hill Zone, Ultra-Duck was revealed as a fraud when he tried to make a run for it. Amy and Shortfuse destroyed the Badniks while Tekno made sure that Ultra-Duck did not get away. He was unmasked, identified by Tekno as Big Bill Screwloose, and his full plot was exposed.

Shortly afterwards, Screwloose became a street cleaner and was forgotten by the people.[1]


  • Ultra-Duck apparently used the nickname "Waddling Wonder".


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