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Umbrella Descent (パラソル落下 Parasoru rakka?, lit. "Parasol Fall") is a Power Formation maneuver used by Team Rose in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit grab onto Big the Cat, who uses his umbrella to drift slowly through midair or reach higher areas by utilizing vertical drafts.


When performing the Umbrella Descent, Big pulls out his Fishing Rod in midair and folds outs its umbrella runner, allowing Big to catch the air beneath him slow his own descend. Meanwhile, Amy and Cream grab onto Big's belt to ride with him. While descending, Big gives off a purple aura.

While using the Umbrella Descent, the player is able to greatly slow his/her descend through midair and as well slowly move in all directions, similar to Glide. Also, in areas with vertical drafts (e.g. fans), the player is able to catch the upward draft generated at these places and ascend to higher sections by using the Umbrella Descent above the source of these updrafts.

To perform the Umbrella Descent in gameplay, Team Rose has to be in Power Formation with Big as the leader. The player must then press and hold down the jump button (PSXButton/XboxA/A Button GameCube v2) while jumping or in midair and can as well use the control stick to move in different directions. To break the Umbrella Descent, the player has to release the jump button.


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