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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For this version of the character before the Super Genesis Wave, see Sir Charles Hedgehog.

Professor Charles the Hedgehog, often called Uncle Chuck, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics. He is an anthropometric hedgehog, a brilliant inventor in service to the Kingdom of Acorn on Westside Island and a close figure to the world hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Charles is a well known genius who has always used his research and inventions for the good of the world. He is also a friend and colleague of famed academic, Professor Dillon Pickle.


Charles is a middle-aged hedgehog who bares many physical similarities to Sonic, such as blue fur (although Chuck's is a few shades lighter than Sonic's). He has a thick, grey mustache that obscures his mouth, as well as similarly thick, grey eyebrows, arching over his blue eyes. For attire, Charles wears maroon colored, slightly pointed shoes with two dark yellow straps and and white cuffs, and, like most other of his species, white gloves.


Early life

New Escape to Knothole

Uncle Chuck and others escape from Eggman's takeover.

Chuck's inventions include the Roboticizer, which he used to save the life of young Bunnie after she was gravely injured during Dr. Eggman's takeover of Mobotropolis. The device made Bunnie into a cyborg, but was later exploited by Eggman to create robotic slaves.[1][2]

Shattered World Crisis

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Charles' original timeline ended.

Chuck was accompanied to Knothole by Antoine and Ben Muttski to investigate recent tremors under the earth. It is during this time that he is greeted by Sonic and Tails, the former being overjoyed to see his uncle again. A surprised Chuck asks Sonic what's gotten into him, and he tearfully responds that he was just happy to see his uncle safe and sound. Chuck replies that no one will be safe if he can't figure out what has been causing the recent tremors, which he believes to be Eggman's doing. He has been collecting samples of some sort of purple energy that's been seeping out of the cracks in the earth, and requests NICOLE's assistance in analyzing the samples if she's free. The damaged supercomputer apologizes and says she is needed elsewhere, albeit with a garbled signal, prompting Chuck to ask about her condition. Tails says it's complicated, while Sonic replies that they need to see Antoine to help fix her, and Rotor said he was here. As if on cue, the new and improved Antoine walks up to them with a small Mobian dog in tow, and remarks that he was not expecting to see Sonic and Tails here. The two friends immediately hug their rejuvinated comrade, confusing him somewhat with their seemingly unwarranted elation.[3]

Chuck once again asks Sonic if he's feeling okay, and the latter replies that he's just happy to see his buddy again, much to Antoine's confusion. At the same time, the Mobian dog is happy to see Sonic and Tails again, though they don't seem to recognize him. When he refers to himself as "The Mutt", a surprised Sonic suddenly asks if he is Muttski, to which he confirms, having been transformed from a regular dog to a full-blown anthropometric dog due to the effects of the Genesis Wave. Noticing Sonic and Tails' shock and confusion at the revelation, Antoine asks why they are acting so "funky", to which Chuck surmises that they might've had some spoiled chili dogs on the flight over. He then tells Sonic that he and Ben have work to do, and that they should leave with Antoine.[3]

Pickle and Chuck Captured

Chuck and Professor Pickle, prisoners of Eggman.

Chuck eventually arrived in Spagonia, presumably not long before the Shattered World Crisis occurred. After that, things had went downhill quickly: spurred on by research towards the Gaia Manuscripts, Dr. Eggman sent E-106 Eta to Spagonia to kidnap Professor Dillon Pickle and anyone and anything connected to the Manuscripts, including Chuck.[4] After being alerted by Muttski, the Freedom Fighters tracked down the kidnapped professors to the Soleanna Forest Zone, where the two of them where being held aboard the moving Bullet Train. Despite being menaced by Eta, the Freedom Fighters rescued the pair of scientists, who informed them of the existence of Dark Gaia and the Gaia Temples. Having learned the nature of Dark Gaia's essence, Chuck was again worried for Sonic, but Sonic brushed off his concerns.[5][2] Chuck later contacted Dr. Ellidy, an old colleague of his, in the hopes that Ellidy might have some insight into the crisis.[6]


An intellectual individual, Charles cares for his loved ones more than he does himself and is typically somewhat quiet, though outspoken when it comes to opposing what he believes to be wrong. However, he is quick to be hard on himself for his mistakes, often to a point far beyond what he should lay on his shoulders even when it's not his fault in the first place. Always willing to provide advice to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, he shares a close relationship with the young heroes. Bound by a high sense of duty, he is willing to put himself on the line if it means helping others.


  • According to Ian Flynn, Sega has mandated that the official video game characters not have any familial relations in the comic, meaning that Charles is no longer related to Sonic in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline (this rule was first enforced in the original continuity, and Ian got around it by having previously established relations not being directly stated as such).
    • In Issue #254, the intro box for Charles says: "'Uncle' to many," meaning that his name "Uncle Chuck" does not apply to Sonic only.

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