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Satbk soldierones

A Soldier-One, a typical inhabitant of the underworld.

The underworld (黄泉の世界 Yomi no sekai?, lit. "World of Hades") is a location mentioned in Sonic and the Black Knight. Supposedly, it is a separate realm where untold dark and corruptive powers and a volatile form of misty miasma reside.[1][2] It is also the natural habitat of the Knights of the Underworld.[3] Some people, such as King Arthur, Merlina the Wizard and possibly Merlin, are able to interact with the underworld, allowing them to harness the place's forces and creatures for their own needs. During the time she harnessed the underworld's power for her ultimate agenda, Merlina was the Queen of the Underworld.[4]


  1. Sonic and the Black Knight official US site. Shrouded Forest. Sega. Retrieved on 24 April 2013. “The forest is being corrupted by the power of the Underworld, leaving it covered in a miasma. The vegetation in the forest has taken on a menacing and poisonous look, spreading its corruption by covering the forest in new sprouts and spores. The people who once dwelled here have been driven out by the dark growth, leaving the forest desolate and choked with towering ruins.”
  2. Sonic Team (March 13, 2009). Sonic and the Black Knight. Wii. Sega. Area: Shrouded Forest. "Sir Percival: The forest is being chocked by this underworld miasma... Unforgiveable..."
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