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The upcoming untitled film adaptation based on Sonic the Hedgehog is being co-produced and financed by Paramount Pictures. The film, expected to be a CGI/live action hybrid film with the help of Sega's Marza Animation Planet unit, is being produced by Neal Moritz through his Original Film banner, with Tim Miller as executive producer. The screenplay will be written by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller[1][2] . It is the first entry to a planned film series.[3] and is currently set for a release on 15 November 2019.[4]

Initially, Sony Pictures acquired the film rights to Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega in 2013, and officially gave the green-light at a private joint Sega/Sony Pictures press conference announcing the film on 10 June 2014.[1] In October 2017, due to financing issues, Sony sold the film rights to Paramount, who retained the film's production staff.[5]



On 3 December 2013, Sony Pictures Digital Domain Names, Inc., a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, filed a notice of registration for three inactive websites adressed as "", "" and "". The registrations were reported by The Sonic Stadium on 7 December, but neither Sony Pictures nor Sega confirmed the existence of a proposed film project at the time.[6]

On 20 March 2014, a film adaptation was first hinted when The Tracking Board released a rumor about the film, stating that it would receive a "Dark Knight treatment" and posted a writer shortlist of proposed writers involved.[7] On 10 June 2014, the official Sonic website was updated, with a locked section listing "TV and Movies."[8] Later that same day, at a private Sega/Sony Pictures press conference, The Hollywood Reporter reported the confirmation of the film, and that Sony had green-lit the project.[1]

It was revealed on 21 June 2014 that Sonic the Hedgehog and its eventual successor films will be a separate continuity from the Sonic Boom continuity.[9] On 19 November 2014, Van Robichaux stated that the film production team is "aiming for [a] PG-13 [rating]".[10]

On 31 October 2016, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Tim Miller, who had left directing Deadpool 2 due to creative differences, had been hired as executive producer for the film and that Jeff Fowler will assume directorial duties. Patrick Casey and Josh Miller are also confirmed to write the script.[2]

It was announced on 2 October 2017 that Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures had acquired the film rights to Sonic the Hedgehog from Sony, replacing the latter as distributor. Sony had temporally shut down production before the switch after placing it into turnaround.[5] The announcement came after co-producer Neal Moritz's Original Film banner signed a first-look production deal with Paramount the prior month, ending their previous deal with Sony, and several months after Sony's film financing partner LStar Capital ended its deal with Sony due to a string of box office failures from the studio.[11][12] Despite the change of studios, the production staff working on the film remained employed and moved to Paramount as well.[5] This is not the first time Paramount and Sega have crossed paths - from 1969 to 1983, both were subsidiaries of Gulf and Western Industries.

On 22 February 2018, an official press release was put out confirming the film's move to Paramount and a release date of 15 November 2019, a date that was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter two days prior.[13][4] Sega will have creative input into the project and will co-finance it with Paramount, who will release the film worldwide.[13]

Independent outlet Omega Underground reported on 4 March 2018 that the film's producers were circling Junkie XL to compose the film's musical score, reuniting him with Miller once again after doing the score for Deadpool. The site also reported that Paramount was aiming to begin filming at some point in July, backing up story co-writer Van Robichaux's speculation he tweeted a month prior.[14][15]

On 1 April 2018, it was announced that filming was going to start on 30 July in Vancouver, instead of Atlanta as previously reported.[16]

On 29 May 2018, it was reported that Paul Rudd is in talks for a lead role as Tom, "a cop who befriends Sonic and will likely team up to defeat Dr. Eggman". Paramount later clarified that this was not the case, but that Rudd had been considered for the role at one point.[17] The following day, it was announced that James Marsden has been cast in an undisclosed role.[18] On 7 June 2018, it was announced that Tika Sumpter was cast to star opposite James Marsden in an undisclosed role.[19]




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