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February 21, 2010
  • I live in Florida; formerly Dresden, Germany
  • I was born on September 3
  • My occupation is Sprite Artist, owns Leviathan LLC, AmiraltyRail LLC
  • I am Male
Awds green earth
Quotation1 You're wearing tights. I can't take lectures on physics from a man in tights. Dancing, yes. Physics, no. --James May Quotation2


"I'm a boy from Birmingham with no sense of direction!"

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About Me

Admiral Leviathan (User)
The Admiral Avatar
First appearance

February 21st, 2010

Biographical overview




Also known as

The Admiral, The Fleet Admiral, The Grand Admiral

Physical description





6' 3"


Why do I need to tell you?!


Dark Brown, with Gray streaks




Forest Green Jacket, Any T-Shirt, Blue Jeans

Alignment and character traits

Good (But in an evil way)


Sonic Comic making, Final Fantasy, Advance Wars, World History, Top Gear


Vandals, Trolls, Thieves

Skills, abilities and powers

Drawing, Writing, World History (To an extent)

Hello, SNN! I'm an oldy here, which means I've completely lost touch with the wikia's operations. Chances are, I can still help so be free to contact me if you need any sort of administrative help. I'm usually on all day, but it might take me a few minutes to get back to you, so don't expect me to respond immediately.

Along with liking Sonic, I'm also a bit of a Advance Wars and Final Fantasy nerd. I like railway modelling, techno music and Top Gear. I hate people who hate haters with a passion, and I own a sprite comic.


Favorite Character: Sonic Man

Fav. Sonic Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Fav. Level: Sonic 3/Flying Battery (Just listen to the music in this level)

Least Fav. Level: Sonic 1/Marble Zone

Fav. Sonic Music Piece: With Me (By All Ends)

Fav. Game (Outside Sonic): Railworks/Train Simulator 2012/2013

Fav. TV show: The Middle

Fav. Other Series Music Piece: Gage/Trak CO Theme

My Theme Song: Helix Nebula

Favorite Character (Outside Sonic): Advance Wars/Gage (I really only say this because he has the best theme of all the characters, and because any CO who's specialty is indirect attacks rules.)

List of Games/Series I've played and Enjoyed

  • Advance Wars Series (M1, 2, DS, DOR)
  • ARMA Series (1, 2, OA, 3a)
  • Battlefield Series (BC2, 3)
  • BeamNG.Drive (a)
  • Burnout Series (1, 2, 3, Revenge, Paradise)
  • Call of Duty Series (1, UO, 2, BRO, 4:MW, WaW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2)
  • Counter-Strike Series (1, Source, GO)
  • Crashtastic (b)
  • Crysis Series (1, 2)
  • Day of Defeat
  • Deus Ex Series (1, Invisible War, Human Revolution)
  • Driver Series (SF)
  • Garrysmod
  • Grand Theft Auto Series (4, BoGT)
  • Half-Life Series (1, 2, Ep1, Ep2)
  • Halo Series (1, 2, 3, 4, Reach, Wars)
  • Minecraft
  • Mirror's Edge (1)
  • Portal Series (1, 2)
  • Railworks (1, 2, TS2012, TS2013)
  • Red Orchestra Series (HoS)
  • Sonic Series (1, 2, 3, K, SA1, SA2, 06, Unleashed, Generations, Shadow, Gems, Mega Collection, etc.)
  • Team Fortress Series (2)

List of games I hate

  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike (Because of the stupid unit imbalances. Megatank. Battleship. Black Boat. Stealth Bomber. Really? Also, the tag powers were stupid as well)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) (For the reasons everyone else hates it for)
  • Deus Ex: Invisible War (Next time Deus Ex, stay on PC)

My Animated Signature Things

ALSigFix1ALSigFix2 (Normal, Fixed)

ALSigNew1ALSigNew2 (Normal, New Version)

AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B (Normal, Old Version)

Admiral Sig Halloween (Halloween)

Admiral Signature Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)

Admiral Signature Christmas (Christmas)

Admiral Sig New Years (New Years)

SNN Position: User, Administrator, Rollback

Other Wikis: Final Fantasy (Minor), Sonic Fanon (Minor), Advance Wars (VERY Minor)


(To get into this list you must either ask me, or have me ask you.)





Vortex The Hedgehog (My brother)






Artemis Cat



Bullet Francisco


(People who are not yet my friend, but I would rely on them in a crisis situation. Also for people I just recently met.)

Sonicrox14 (We kind-of know each other)

Kagimizu (See above ^)

GM Tails


Fly The Fox






Userbox- Played STH1991 Userbox- Metal Sonic

Userbox- Played STH2 Userbox-Own Sprite Comic

Userbox-Admin Userbox- Played STH3

Userbox- Creator SC16BC Userbox- Played S&K

Userbox-Green Eyes Userbox- Played SA

Userbox- Played SA2 Userbox- Played SH

Userbox- 7,000 Edits Userbox- Played SaTH

Userbox- Fan Of AoStH Userbox- Played STH2006

Userbox- Hate SU Userbox- Played SU

Userbox- Live In America Userbox- Played KiS2

Userbox- Male Userbox- Played S3&K

Userbox- E102 Userbox- Needs Userbox

Userbox- Eggman Userbox-AW Green Earth

Userbox-Admiral Userbox-Played CD

Userbox- Robots

Userbox- Blaze


Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Where do you get your sprites/backgrounds/etc?

A. See below. If it's not listed there then I probably made it myself.

Q. Can you put X/Y/Z in your comic?

A. If you're talking about your fancharacter X, I will not. I really do not want to do that. If you're suggesting plot changes/additions/suggestions in general, if I think it's a good idea I just might go through with it. Most of the time, I've built up a backlog of comics, and I can't go and change them.

Q. What's your favorite car?

A. (Believe it or not, I get asked this a couple of times per month); My favorite car of all-time is the DeLorean. It's such a unique car for the 1980's, it beats almost anything. The best part: you can buy 0-KM ones from Texas. Which is incredible.

However, if I bought one I wouldn't drive it anywhere, because people would probably spit on it or something. Also, I cannot fathom trying to carry my schoolwork or anything in that car. The gullwing doors make it worth it though. And it still would probably cost less and get you less flak than if you drove something like a Veyron or a McClaren F1 or something. . .

If I had to choose my second or third favorite cars, my second favorite car would be the Lancia Stratos. Older than the DeLorean, it was one of the best cars ever made. Dare I say "World Rally Champion"? The modern concept version looks like crap though, the 1970's-era Stratos is and always will be the best looking Stratos.
My third favorite would probably be the Ferrari 412P. Even older than the Stratos and the DeLorean, what's not to like about classic 1960's racing? I wouldn't mind having to cram my books into the boot of that thing (Assuming there is one- which there probably isn't!) if I were given the chance to drive it around. There ARE some nice backroads in my area to get that thing up to it's top speed. . . where were we again? Oh, right.

Q. When will the comic be posted?!

A. When it's posted.

Q. I'm confused! Who's what and what's who in your comic! BRAIN TRAUMA!

A. Take this and stop asking questions.

Q. Do your comics follow the continuity of the games/comics/spinoffs/TV shows?

A. As for setting and continuity, it sticks to the settings of the games (For the most part). Of course, several characters from the comics are used as well. I tried to seamlessly blend the two canons into one. I don't take any canon from the TV shows or any Sonic medium besides the games and the comics.

Q. Favorite Sonic game?

A. Sonic 3 with Knuckles locked in. Since I'm not allowed to have my nostalgia trip here, I'd say my favorite *Modern* game would be Sonic Unleashed.

Q. Do you like X/Y/Z pairing?

A. The only pairings I support are the ones that make sense. That means no ShaowxTikal. There's only one pairing that I support, and that's SonAlly. Ofc, I'm lenient when it comes to such thing, and I'm not a rabid fan.

Q. What do you play outside Sonic?

A. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy, Burnout, Advance Wars, etc. I play quite a few FPSes such as Call of Duty (Not that CoD thing people talk about), Crysis, Halo, etc. Along with that, I play some simulators.

Q. Preferred platform?

A. PC. Using keyboard and a mouse sitting near a small monitor feels better than using a huge controller while sitting a few feet from a TV.

Q. Favorite Sonic VA?

A. Drummond, because I grew up with SA1/SA2. If you read what Sonic says in my comic with Drummond/Griffith's voice, the whole series becomes unimaginably hilarious.

Q. I'm inexplicably inflating again!

A. How embarrassing.


Credit to;

  • The Mystical Forest Zone
  • Leaf Forest Zone
  • The Shyguy Kingdom
  • Background HQ
  • Advance Wars Comedians Wiki

etc. and every individual who created the sheets and backgrounds I use, respectively.

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