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January 9, 2011

Hi Hi!! It's Aly, saying...HI!!!

Miranda Raccoon-A Real Sweet Treat!

THAT's MY signature!!

Right now, besides Sonic Chronicles 2, I've been working on Sonic High, my very own fanfic with the help of you users. I'm working on something right now.....Here's The link! AT LAST!


Here's my best friends in the whole wide world:

Bunnyboo50 (My pretend sister)

Jakethehedgehog (My pretend Big Brother)

Amyroselove (My pretend cousin)

Here are the rest.

Disco Duck

Sonic & Scrab Master


Sonic Speed

The people on down are good friends of mine, from helping me with Sonic Chronicles 2:

Fly the Fox (I love his Omega voice.)

Bullet Francisco (He's got the most EPIC video game making skills ever!!)

SalaComMander (He's got some EPIC Sonic and Omega voicing!)


User:Admiral Levithan (Formerly. I thought... nevermind.)


Here for info about Miranda

Here for info about Diana

Upcoming: Videos from Ask the Sonic Heroes!!

To Date...

Well, right now, I am working on Sonic Chronicles 2: The Travel Tales. We need a few voices, so please, don't hesitate to join in!! Click here!!

We haven't started the actual game, but are merely working on the scripts and voices. Here is our website. Talk to me on my talk page to join in!

If this goes well, I might join Bunnyboo50, my BFF in her game, and I might make my other voice game, Raccoonettes Adventure. This was cancelled, so I'll need some serious inspiration!!

Fanmade Games: {M = Movie}

Raccoonettes Adventure (M)

Raccoonettes Colors (M)

Sonic Olympic Collection (M/VG)

Amazing Idol (M)

Sonic Party!

Sonic Chronicles 2: The Travel Tales

Super Sonic 64

Alphabetical Murder (1 - 5) (M)

The Other Dimension

Sonic Colors 3 (See Bunnyboo50 for Sonic Colors 2)

A Camp Emerald Adventure! (1 - 4) (M)

Sonic X: Next Gen (This is Bunnyboo50's idea. I'm just merely having my own page for it. {Is that okay, Bunnyboo50?} ) (M)

Halloween Spookers (M)

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Kart games (Blasts to the Pasts!)

Super Sonic Smash Bros. (1 - 3)

The Adventures of Jake and Miranda (M)

Christmas Toyland (M)

Sonic Touched!

Sonic Double Dashin!!

Sonic Battle 3 (again, Bunnyboo50's idea for Sonic Battle 3)

The Wedding Planner (M)

All of my fan-made characters

Mirage the Raccoon (Marine's right hand gal) {Marine - Mirage = Sonic - Tails)

Miranda the Raccoon

Mariana the Raccoon

Stripes the Raccoon

Alicoco the Raccoon

Maria the Raccoon

Comonica Hedgehog

Esposito Chameleon

Marisol the Raccoon

Summer the Raccoon

Diana the Raccoon

Mona the Raccoon

Meg the Raccoon (appears only in olympic series and Raccoonettes Adventures)

Diana the Fox

Alyson Fox

Alyce Fox

Alyson the Hedgehog

Vivian the Rabbit

Sydney the Cat

Ashley the Hedgehog

Here's another character that I'd like to introduce, but she's a mario Koopaling she is!!

I'll post a picture of her boyfriend later...

Here is her boyfriend. A real Koopaling!

Miranda Raccoon-A Real Sweet Treat! 21:48, May 8, 2011 (UTC)

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