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July 4, 2011
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BlazeChance1 at Gym.
Quotation1 BREAK DANCING EGGMAN!!!!! Quotation2
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Facts about me

  1. I got Sonic Generations!
  2. I beat the game!
  3. I'm popular in my neighborhood.
  4. I have a YouTube account that is not named BlazeChance1, that's someone else, someone I'm friends with.
  5. I'm a great person. (To some people.)
  6. I will report you just because you are new to the wiki and don't know all the rules yet. I don't care if you're new. If you screw up you are getting reported

What I love to do

  • Play Sonic Generations.
  • Try new things.
  • Watch T.V.
  • Meet new people.
  • Play my DSi XL.
  • To be on this wiki.
  • To have a great friend like you!
  • Love what I do.

My favorite shows

  1. Family Guy
  2. American Dad

More to come.

My fan characters

Anthony the Hedgehog

Anthony the Hedgehog, my fan character.

Kristina the Hedgehog

Kristina, my other fan character. It's not my best. (Note: She will have many more hair styles.)

Kristina the Hedgehog 2

Kristina with ponytail only. It's not amazing.

Kristina the Hedgehog 3

Kristina, with straight hair, I will update this eventually.

Amanda the Fox

This my Fan Character. This Tails' and Cream's daughter. Yes, I am a Taicream fan.

Super Anthony the Hedgehog

Yes, this Anthony's Super Form! I know it doesn't look that good but, I don't care. I like it.


  • Niktext
  • Bullet Francisco
  • Mewkat14
  • Modern Sonic
  • AmyIsTheBest
  • CariconCommander
  • The Shadow Of Darkness
  • FreeSmudger


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Userbox Tailream
Anthony Userbox

Credit to Time Biter for the sprites.

Userbox- CesarFan

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