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May 29, 2011
  • I live in Brazil (Brasil)
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is drawing, playing zelda, and chat with people on the wiki.
  • I am male
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brian eduardo

Hello I am Brian eduado (or just eduardo), I a manga artist, who like to draw characters from Sonic, I saw this site some time ago and decided to join him, I intend to create a new sonic saga with new characters .
I'm a fan of anime and manga I like, I like pokemon and other anime but mainly pokemon.
I really like rock, linkin park and my favorite, l like of game halo 1 2 and 3, dynasty warriors gundam 1 and 2, I will talk a little about me

my characters favorite of sonic

my gallery of drawings

drawings made ​​by me

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sonic or pony for me no matter, what matters and the speed

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  • I'm the only fan of sonic in my class
  • I think I'm the one who lives in Brazil here in this wiki
  • I think I'm the one who posted my real picture


``hi i am briam´´-when I introduce myself

``believe it or not´´

``c'mon´´´-And what I say to my friends

``calm´´-and I say to calm someone



``that to stop´´

My history

below and the description of some of my characters that appear in my story

Quotation1 many people give up their dreams because they think they are impossible, I believe in impossible my dreams have come true, so do not give up your dreams for more impossible it can be Quotation2

Accel History (introduction)

accel one is an orange cat who lived without compromise, simply venturing, and by an accident. found a strange sword.


Accel and a very good person, just, and highly values ​​his friends, he dificiomente fight with his friends despite being very Playful and imperative.
he sometimes a little sarcastic and over the Electro the bat, plus it is not the kind of person arrogant, up because he hate people arrogant, rude and especially ungrateful.
he has a great friendship with the Vortez the wolf to save his life, Accel also have friendship with twilight at meet in a small town, he nonetheless has a competitiveness with neo, racing to get all the time.


Accel has a super speed similar to Sonic, which allows you to leap long distances, he and capable of breaking the sound barrier when he uses the emerald, it also has a gold sword that and their strongest weapon.
Accel has the ability to use the secret power of the sword named "blade control", and others who he think throughout history as


concept of the sword of aron

a knight blade, chaos blade, aron also is able and becomes Accel knight when the sword absorbs the power of two emeralds in mode knight, Accel gets the golden skin with wave marks all over his body,but he cannot to become super Accel, because the sword absorbs the power of the emeralds and he trasforma in Accel legendary.

list of abilities of sword

  • Blade Control

a strong attack with the sword, giving half moon blow and throwing a blast of bright light in form of half moon.

  • Blade Tornado

a attack in that Accel carries the energy of the sword on the tip of his blade and turns, destroying anything in its path.


concept of the sword of aron in mode knight

  • blade Impact

Accel carries the energy of the sword in the air and penetrates the ground, causing a impact wave where it overthrows his opponent.

  • Blade Knight

the sword absorbs the power of two emeralds and changes shape, increasing its power and increased the power of his blows.


Vortex The wolf

Accel have a great friendship with Neo, he considers the h is best friend despite being Vortex a bit of closed with people even with his sister, he have a promise with Vortex, who made just after Crystal came into numbness he he promised to do everything to wake her, which sparked a great friendship with both.

Twilight The Cat

Accel has a very intimate friendship with Twilight, that she lived with him longer than the others they have a greater intimacy, to the point of a fast novel, more he that would give up by thinking that she has no interest, most he and always sincerely with Twilight, sometimes as sincerely the point annoy her and make her say that she'll give you a kick, but they still are great friends

Crystal The White Wolf

Accel meet Crystal when he saved his life and that of Vortex, as soon as we know them become close friends, and awakened a love interest between the two, more with the accident arom was very sad, before Crystal sleep, Accel made a promise that he would do anything to help her, even after the accident do aron not forget what felt for Crystal.





  • Accel when introduces himself, he not says a cat, he does not think necessary to say.
  • Accel lacks the ability to transform into super aron.
  • Accel do not know the source of his sword, or of what it is made.
  • the sword that Accel has, has a connection with he, in moments in the story the sword tells him what he should say to invoke some sword attacks, which could mean that she is alive.
  • the original concept of the Accel, it would be a white tiger with blue eyes.


``I'm Accel, the Accel is enough ´´- what he says when presented

``never say: i can not!´´ - what he to twilight.

``yeeeeeeeeaahhhh, amazing I got it´´ - what Accel says when he wins the rank A

``could be better´´ - what Accel says when he wins the rank C

``ooooooohhh no, this is terrible´´ - what Accel says when wins the rank E

``I should not have entering here´´ - what Accel says when he entered in a of Eggman hangar full of robots.


Sprites of Accel

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