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  • I live in Cincinnati
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Art Student
  • I am Male
Bullet Francisco - Administrator, Sonic News Network.
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Thoughts: Anticipation sucks.

Currently Playing: Minecraft, Platform Racing 2

Brief Introduction

Hello, I am Bullet Francisco, an administrator here on the Sonic News Network, which means I help keep things in order around here with a few extra tools. Don't think of me as any higher status then you, because I'm just a regular user and your everyday average guy. If you need me to delete a page, block a user, protect a page, edit the wiki interface, or if you just need help just leave me a message on my talk page, and I'll be more than happy to assist you. If you wish to have a chat with me, send me a message on the chat feature, but only if you have the appropriate amount of edits.

If you are a new user here on the Sonic News Network, and need information on editing, and who to ask for help around here, go to User:Bullet Francisco/New User Help. If you have any additional questions, contact me.

Check out my good friend and Sonic News Network affiliate ChrisCrossMedia! He makes great videos about various topics.

Who is Bullet Francisco?

Hi there, I'm Bullet Francisco, but please, call me by my real life name, Kyle. As stated above, I'm an administrator of the Sonic News Network. For further details on what administrators do, and to see the other administrators of the Sonic News Network, go here.

In real life, I'm a 15 year old student living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I take education very seriously, even though I don't like school. I'm considered by others to be rather smart. I'm typically rather lazy, even if it doesn't shine through here on the wiki. I'm not very interesting, and I usually spend most of my time online, with my girlfriend, with my family, or with a few of my friends.

Here on the wiki, I take my work very seriously. I go out of my way to check every edit, and I patrol the recent changes actively. I try to respond to every message I get, but if I don't answer it may be because I didn't see it, or because I'm not online. If I didn't catch your message, send me another one. I'm very friendly, so if you want to chat, just message me. I don't bite.

History on the Sonic News Network

Having been a user here for quite awhile, some of you may wonder how I started out, and how I got to where I am today. Well, here you go:

I joined the Sonic News Network in the February of 2011. I had known of the site since 2009, and I was a lurker of the site ever since I knew about it. However, since I wasn't of appropriate age in 2009 (I turned 12 on May 26th, 2009), I didn't make an account. I turned 13 during the May of 2010, and I made my first account on Wikia. I didn't edit this wiki, because I didn't know how at the time. Eventually, I dropped the username I had, and made a new Wikia account, Bullet Francisco. I began editing this wiki, and quickly made friends with users like JaketheHedgehog, Fly the Fox, and Amyroselove. Once I finally got the hang of editing, I began editing nonstop, and quickly became one of the wiki's most active editors. I received Rollback rights in April 2011, and continued to edit from there. Over time, I began meeting more and more people, and I began making more friends. Some of the users I met are some of my very best friends, to this day. I even treasure some of them more than some people in my real life. Over the summer of 2011, I continued to edit actively and meet more friends. During the September of 2011, after talking it over with some of the users of this wiki, I ran for administrator rights. On October 8th, 2011, my request was approved, and I became an administrator of the Sonic News Network. With these new rights, I began to do more work on the wiki, and became as active as ever. However, my personal life was a disaster. I reached an intense state of anger and depression during late 2011, and it eventually took over my emotions online, causing me to act out of order. This led some users to question my behavior, and it eventually led to a demotion request for me in late January 2012. In response to the demotion request, I decided it was best to remove my own administrator rights and take a partial-break from the Internet to get my personal life back in order, and I did just that. I began to edit the wiki more and more, and became fully active again in June. From that point, I continued to help the wiki grow by keeping part in site discussions. The community recognized my change, and I was eventually convinced by users here to run for administrator rights once again in the July of 2012. I requested administrator rights again, and my request was approved with overwhelming consensus. This brings me to where I am now. It's been a one hell of a ride, and I look forward to sharing many more years and memories with the users of the Sonic News Network.

Thanks for taking the time to read my history here on the site. If you have any questions or comments, just contact me.


The following are my favorites of various subjects. They are my favorites based on personal experiences and opinions, and are not the "best" of their category, only my favorites.

Favorite Sonic Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Favorite Sonic Character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Favorite Sonic Song: Endless Possibility

Favorite Video Game Series: Mother

Favorite Video Game: Mother 3

Favorite Video Game Character: Lucas (Mother 3)

Favorite Video Game Music Piece: Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

Other Video Game Series: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Metroid, Halo, Fable, BioShock, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros., etc.

Favorite Television Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Other Television Shows: Family Guy, South Park, The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, etc.

Favorite Movie: None.

Movies I like: Any Pixar movie, Classic Disney films, Marvel films, The Hunger Games, Men in Black, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I'm a big fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which means I am a Brony. In case you are wondering, here's my list of favorite ponies from favorite to least favorite in order.

  • Rarity - I love her personality and the way she handles things. She's been my favorite since A Dog and Pony Show. (Season 1 Episode 19)
  • Twilight Sparkle - I've recently grown fond of Twilight Sparkle's personality, and I've grown to respect it ever since I got her on the Pony Personality Quiz. She became my second favorite after season two ended.
  • Rainbow Dash - I like her personality quite a bit, and I love her color scheme and some of the things she says in the show.
  • Pinkie Pie - Although she's ranked number four in my list, I still love her personality. I also love some of her songs, notably Smile Song and Pony Pokey.
  • Fluttershy - I still like Fluttershy, she has a good personality, and I love the humor put into her by the show's developers, but I just like the other ponies more.
  • Applejack - I actually don't like anything about Applejack. Everything about her kind of disgusts me.

I'm also fond of the following ponies:

  • Aloe - I love her style/color scheme and her headband is cool. :3
  • Lotus - For the same reasons as the above pony.
  • Golden Harvest - Her name is awesome, I love her color scheme, and I've grown to like her.
  • Princess Luna - I like her design and the CANTERLOT ROYAL VOICE.
  • Cadence - I love her design and the role she played in the season two finale episodes.
  • Berry Punch - For the same reasons as Golden Harvest.
  • Derpy - Who doesn't love Derpy?

I also love the songs featured in the show, with my favorites being:

  • This Day Aria
  • Winter Wrap-Up
  • Art of the Dress and Becoming Popular (tied)
  • Find a Pet song
  • Smile Song

And, in case you are wondering, here are my favorite episodes:

  • A Canterlot Wedding (Parts 1 and 2)
  • A Dog and Pony Show
  • May the Best Pet Win!
  • Sweet and Elite
  • Hurricane Fluttershy

Below is my test result from the Pony Personality Quiz on, in case you are interested.

Friends Userboxes

Below is a list of people I consider my friends. If you want to be added to this list, just contact me.

Userbox-LeviathanUserbox- ShadowUserbox-SC16B SonicUserbox-SC16B TailsUserbox-SC16B KnucklesUserbox-SC16B AmyUserbox- Fan-CharUserbox- VectorUserbox- Anti-LevUserbox- Anti-AdmiralUserbox- E102Userbox- BlazeUserbox- ChaosUserbox- Metal SonicUserbox- 1 EditUserbox- 250 EditsUserbox- 500 EditsUserbox- 1,000 EditsUserbox-2,000 EditsUserbox- 3,000 EditsUserbox- 4,000 EditsUserbox- 5,000 EditsUserbox-6,000 EditsUserbox- 7,000 EditsUserbox- 8,000 EditsUserbox- 9,000 EditsUserbox-10,000 EditsUserbox- OVER 9,000!Userbox- Support Bon-Bon and LyraFile:Userbox- PINGAS.pngUserbox-Admin
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