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April 28, 2010
  • I live in Bunny Land xD
  • My occupation is To have fun! =3
  • I am a funny bunny girl who enjoys living life to the fullest!! X3

Welcome to my User Page!

If you want to read more about me, click User:Bunnyboo50/About Me!

Also, check out User:Bunnyboo50/Candy the Rabbit.

User:Bunnyboo50/Sonic Heroes 2

User:Bunnyboo50/Sonic Bad Land

User:Bunnyboo50/Sky the Hedgehog

User:Bunnyboo50/Missy the Raccoon (Raccoonette)

User:Bunnyboo50/Megan the Raccoon (Raccoonette)

User:Bunnyboo50/Sonic X: The Next Generation

User:Bunnyboo50/Spring the Hedgehog

User:Bunnyboo50/Ashley the Hedgehog

User:Bunnyboo50/Rosy the Rascal (video game)

User:Bunnyboo50/Cheryl the Rabbit

User:Bunnyboo50/Diamond the Echidna

My signature: Candy the Rabbit- I Love Candy!

Other Sites I'm On:

iCarly Wiki (Goal of being an adminster)

Victorious Wiki

Super Mario Wiki

Deviantart (Under the username of SprinklesBunny)


I am optimistic and kind who likes cuteness and having fun. I'm a fan of Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Amy, Cream, and Tikal. I enjoy talking with my friends, and always there for them when needed most!

I dislike people who are selfish, mean, thoughtless, and mischievous! I also dislike swearing, it's for the dead!

I hate immature and rude teenagers who are mean, maybe the reason why is because I'm fourteen right now and in a few months firthteen. But I don't hate people for their personality, a reason why I dislike immature teenagers is from my childhood cousin! Uhh!

But anyway, sometimes I can be ditzy and confused with people take advantage of or just don't get it. But it doesn't mean I'm a dimwit! I love people who are kind, caring, sweet, and sometimes humorous.

But I really like iCarly Wiki slightly better, the people there really make you feel right at home and no worries of trying to fit in. Sonic News Network is also good and I have made a lot of kind friends. The only reason why I came here in the first place is I love Sonic games of course but also Mario! But I'm not selfish at all, but I can be indepedent and bold as well instead of an coward.

I am always sweet and I usually show a noble spirit towards the others. Although, just being a regular user, I consider myself on this wiki the "the voice of honesty and reason" of the wiki, because when times get rough, I will try to make them better when someone else doesn't and tell the true [most] of the time. But I am always quick to act to stop vandals on this wiki.

Outside of my life, I've shared many relationships with boys but gotten broken up.

Fan Character List

Candy the Rabbit

Honey the Cat (real character but in FanFiction)

Missy the Raccoon

Alice the Hedgehog

Diamond the Echidna

Favorite TV Shows, Anime, and Movie

TV Shows

iCarly: Love it! I have watched this show ever since it aired out in 2007. iCarly won every Kids Chioce Awards so far! Also, I support Seddie, Sam + Freddie!

Big Time Rush: This show just makes me laugh. Lol!

Victorious: Actually, I'm kind of jealous of it because I hate the fact that the creator named Dan is working on it more than iCarly because the show is already going downhill (well, in Season 4 currently is doing it). Yet, my favorite episode of Victorious is "Robarazzi" that episode is so funny!

My Wife & Kids: Love it so much! Too funny!


Sonic X: Well, I was hoping for a Season 4 to be on Sonic X but it looks like there isn't going to be one despite the rumors. But Sonic X is funny and interesting at the same time. I'm only allow to watch the english version of the series, my parents don't allow me to watch the Japanese version because there is violence.

Pokemon: I watched this show since I was maybe 5 or 6 I think? Anyway, this show is funny and cool at the same time as Sonic X. But Pokemon is kind of getting old, but I still play the video games of it.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: This movie is somewhat funny! I'm a big fan of the book series because comedy is my fav.

Favorite Sonic Couples

SonAmy: It's so cute! It is true that it's a one-sided relationship but it's still adorable.

Shadouge: I just think they look perfect together ever since Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Tailream: I always thought Tails and Cream look cute together.

Tailsmo: I ship this anime couple because it looked so romantic!

User:Bunnyboo50/Curse of The Tails' Doll (episode)

User:Bunnyboo50/Dectective Rose (episode)

User:Bunnyboo50/Talentless (episode)


Here are my friends:

AmyRose14 (true friends; close as sisters)

JaketheHedgehog (true friends)

58SlugDrones! (good friends)

Sonicrox14 (close friends)

Amyroselove (nice friends)

Tikal411 (good friends)

Burnning Blaze (nice friends)

Sonic Speed (nice friends)

Bullet Francisco (nice friends)

DarkFuture (nice friends)

Katrins (nice friends)

List of Sonic Games

Sonic Winter Days

Mario & Sonic: Worlds Collide

Super Amy Rose

Sonic X-Treme (Remake)

Sonic Colors 2

Sonic Adventure 3

Sonic Deluxe Adventure

Sonic Bad Land

Sonic Bad Land 2

Sonic Dance Remix

Sonic Action Riders

Sonic Advance 4


Do you think Sonic Chronicles 2: The Travel Tales will become a HUGE success?

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