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Story of her life

Cloverfang is a 14-year old cat who was born to a she-cat, Sasha, and Sonic's father, making her his half-sister. She used to live alone with her mother in a forest, until one day she saw a black and red hedgehog, and she followed him. Surprisingly, when they got to the destination, Station Square, Shadow saw her and welcomed her. He became her mentor, teaching her about Sonic's world. He also introduced her to Espio the Chameleon, who taught her stealth and secrecy.She has a sort of rivalry of Knuckles, who she seems to hate. One of her ears is in a deep V-shape from previous fights over territory. Cloverfang also has a deep connection with the sky, for her mother used to be from a Tribe of cats called the SkyClan.


Cloverfang is energetic and a comedian, usually making jokes at the wrong time. She likes the color black, but she is not emo or goth, and likes the night-time. But she can fight well, and has long claws. She loathes Sonic, even though they are kin, and she is best friends with Rouge the bat. Her little sister, Terra the cat is in love with Storm the Albatross, and Cloverfang calls herself Clover the cat when she wants to be formal. Cloverfang is just her nickname, because she eats differently then her Sonic friends, tearing into the food rather than picking it up.


  • "Did that rock or what?" Cloverfang, after getting an A
  • "I'm a sucker for awesomeness" Cloverfang, after getting a B
  • "I know, that sucked, right?" Cloverfang, after getting a C
  • "Ohh! Shadow will be disappointed" Cloverfang, after getting a D
  • "That was my worst yet" Cloverfang, after getting a E
  • "Prepare to lose bad!" Cloverfang, before starting a race
  • "Oh yeah! Feel the power of the Sky!" after winning a race
  • "Knuckles could have beat me!" after losing a race
  • "See ya on the other side of NOWHERE" after passing someone

Theme songs

  • "Walk away" by Kelly Clarkson: Sonic Adventure 2 battle
  • "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambart: Sonic Adventure
  • "Morning star" by myself: (really; I wrote it)general theme
  • "When I grow up" by The Pussycat Dolls, except without the words: When she is Four Leaf Clover

Relationships with other characters


  • Sasha the cat
  • Sonic the Hedgehog,
  • Sonic's father,
  • Terra the cat,
  • Chase the cheetah (Former mate),


  • Amy Rose,
  • Rouge the bat,
  • Blaze the cat,
  • Shadow the hedgehog (boyfriend/mentor to her of Sonic's world),
  • Cream the rabbit (Terra's friend),
  • Miles "Tails" prower (talk about math with each other),
  • Jet the Hawk (Rival and friend),
  • Wave the Swallow,
  • Espio the chameleon (taught her stealth, other mentor),


  • Sonic the hedgehog(rival),
  • eggman (Enemy),
  • Vector (Rival),
  • Knuckles (Rival/enemy),
  • Tikal (jealous of her abilities),
  • Charmy (Terra's former boyfriend),
  • Chase the cheetah (Former mate),
  • Mila the panther (Enemy with her in the forest),
  • Glacia the tiger (Enemy with her in the forest),
  • Night the Raven (Rival in the forest),
  • Lobo the wolf (Former boyfriend/ rival),


  • She convinced Terra not to go goth.
  • She doesn't like milk, actually, she prefers water.
  • Her favorite food is chicken quasidillas.
  • She likes rain.
  • She likes tall buildings.
  • She dated a wolf back when she was in the forest.
  • She was once tricked by Eggman, like Knuckles.
  • Her claws enable her to do serious damage.
  • Clover the Cat was once framed for theft as "Cloverfang, a violent female cat thief with teeth like razors." This is also how she got her nickname.
  • Shadow sometimes calls Clover "Sharpie", refering to her sharp claws, or "Ms. Kitty". In a taunting way, Knuckles calls her "Kitty Pet" or "Catwoman".

Real me

My real name is Breanna, or Angelica (I hate that name, I don't like the Rugrats!)so just call me Breanna if you insist on using my name. I LOVE cats and Shadow the hedgehog! I really don't like Sonic. He kinda scares me. I made up Chase, Mila, Glacia, Night, and Lobo! My favorite band is a tie between All-American Rejects and Cascada, and my favorite female singers are a tie between Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson I also like warrior cats, I don't like Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and I am a bookworm! I can read two-three hundred page books in one day. I have these games of Sonic: (Yay! I got a new game!

  • Sonic Adveture DX,
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle,
  • Sonic advance 3,
  • Sonic Riders,
  • Sonic Rush,
  • Sonic mega collection,
  • Sonic gems,
  • Shadow the Hedgehog,
  • Sonic Heroes,
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games

and that's all I own! I am also a fan of Spyro the dragon. My favorite movie is Cat Ballou(It's a western, and I live in the South, so of course I like it!)

Fave characters

  • Shadow-He's just awesome, and u can't deny it. :)
  • Blaze- She controls fire and actually seems like da perfect 1 for Sonic. Can't get betr than that, now can we?
  • Rouge- I don't like the fact she looks hooker-ish, but her personality is to die for.
  • Tails- I think his personality is a bit like mine.
  • Espio- He's just cool
  • Jet- He's so stubborn and awesome! U know he rox!
  • Wave- She's smart and cool and she rox!
  • Knuckles- I just like his music in Sa2:Battle
Any character not mentioned I hate!!! Yeah I'm talkin' to you Silver XD

Other Sites

My fave site I am almost always on: Warriors Fanfiction Wiki
My other fave site: Warriors Characters Wiki I love this place! It is just awesome, my username there is Cloverfang still.
A fashionable, awesome place I love: [1] Yeah there I am Cloverstar34, and Crystalheart is hndhipchic.

(P.S There are more boys on there than you'd think!)

A place I like but don't go on much: Warriors Wiki lol that thing has my longest userpage...BTW I love fanfiction, that is why I am on Warriors Fanfiction so much!

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