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Trogan the Hedgehog

Quotation1 Take one more step and you'll have motorcycle tracks on your body Quotation2
Trogan the hedgehog
Trogan the hedgehog looks exactly like shadow so you might think that they are best friends. Well, there not, they actually dislike eachother even though they're brothers, but they can get along well enough. He mostly knows every move that Shadow knows(though it maybe that he knows more chaos moves). He can be a little more violent then Shadow though. He is 18 years old. He has a Super Form , Dark Form, Hyper Form and last a Darkspine Form. He really really doesn't like to be lead. Just a tip, don't get on his bad side. Trogan really likes annoying shadow for some reason. His theme song is frontline by pillar. He also has an array of weapons that he keeps in a hidden compartment in one of eggmans old bases where he lives.  his main way of transportation is his motorcycle,running and once even stowing aboard eggmans ship and a g.u.n. helicopter.


Cynder is one of my main characters. Cynder is black and red. He can fly very fast so basically he's a speed type. He's kind of a loner and at night you can't even see him. He's a coyote\dragon but more of a dragon. He listens to nobody but himself. He gets annoyed by Anastasia the bat because she sometimes treats him like a dog. She only does this because she knows he's part coyote. Usually she'll go like c'mon boy or sit/roll over. I really don't know why though. Cynder is also the type who like changes there mood alot but only sometime mainly he's a pretty nice guy. he also likes watching lightining I don't know why though probably because place he lives in is like impenatrible to really anything like sunny one of his main enemies is malceus the dark(dude carved his wings witha knife and really we all know that would seriously suck) and really he really hates him for doing that. he also has alot more enemies like dr. Eggman , mephiles ( sort of ), also as i said malceus the dark , imperator lx , and lastly shadow. he doesn't have many friends either he is kind of friends with anastasia the bat, trogan sortof and really that's all. he kind of likes dusk the echidna(fan made) well sort of(ooh burn i say this because she likes shadow and shadow likes her but he does'nt know that she likes him and the other way around also) he is black except for the red color on his muzzle. also i think when he came in contact with the negative energy of the chaos emerald once it turned his hands into skeleton hands and believe me i kinda think that would be painful.You may think he is nice but actually his deepest secret is is that he is one of the evilest dudes on mobius/earth his theme song is I am all of me it really suits him for a reason.

dragon fleet

dragon fleet is the code name for a fleet of dragons that are all resurected skeleton dragons. the whole fleet is commanded by Cynder it is basically just a whole armadda of ressurected skeleton dragons. all the operations are commanded from the main battleship the executer, it is a giant war ship built as a plan to capture diagosis the time dragon.

theme songs

I am all of me-cynders 2nd theme

everybody's fool by evanescence-cynders 3rd theme

who I am Trogan's main theme

frontline by pillar-trogans 2nd theme

it's my life by Bon Jovi-trogans 3rd theme

slow  chemical by Finger11-malceus's theme

Solaris battle themes-lunas themes(for those of you that don't know who lunas  is that is the god of the moon mlceus and cairis combined)

no way through by runblebee(main theme of dark fortress and cynder

ignition by tobymac main theme of dr xilievus


  • Trogan the Hedgehog (sort of)
  • Anastasia the Bat
  • Dusk the Echidna
  • horror


  • Malceus the Dark
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Mephiles the Dark (sort of)
  • Imperator Ix
  • Shadow the Hedgehog

Malceus the Dark

MAlceus is the main enemy of cynder he is a pretty bad dude his eyes are split reptile pupils he is also known as the guy who drained sunny's chaos emerald. He also di some pretty bad damage to sunny too.he 3-3 weighs 74 pounds and is an artificially processed darkness spirit who took the shape of shadow the hedgehog. dude is seriously evil(and a little bit phsyco too). I seriously wouldn't mess with him.

Dusk the echidna

dusk the echidna is friends with cynder he kind of(kind of) likes her 


horror is simply full blood dragon and the leader of a secret oraganization called team sapphire his moves are basically the same as cynders but he usually uses white fire instead of cynder who by the cause of the negative energy of the chaos emerald uses black fire they're ussually seen fighting to see who is the ultimate dragon but they usually come out in a tie. horror usually calls him mud blood(yes I know i got this from Harry Potter) because you know cynders part coyote part dragon and horror is just a dragon. then usually in reply cynder says "so what me being part coyote lets mehave better reflexes" then horror gets mad and and turns into a giant black dragon made out of fire then so does cynder.

dark fortress

Dark fortress is the level name for cynders lair. It's a giant fortress that you could get lost in for a very long time srangely cynder knows his way around the place. If you were to take all the iron and any other type of metal in the place it way about 500 trillion tons of metal. The main enemies of the fortress are demons that will constantly appear and disappear, they are really strong the strongest one can take away at least twenty of your rings. The boss of the place is cynder in which he reveals he is evil after the battle he flys into a different dimension to capture the dragon of time, diagosis so he can take control of time and get all the chaos emeralds before sonic or anyone else.

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