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NOTICE: Information on this page is outdated. Alter the Wolf and "Protector of Chaos" have moved to If you wish to stay updated with my progress on the series, as well as my other works and projects, please see my account on deviantART.

Quotation1 Protector of Chaos... This is the craziest dream. Quotation2
Alter, Protector of Chaos - Chapter 1: The Seventh Night ~Amethyst's Chosen~
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Alter the Wolf
Alter the Wolf by Tangerinna
Alter the Wolf is the Protector of Chaos.
First appearance

Protector of Chaos


Sonic Chronicles 2: The Travel Tales (game canceled)

in other media

Protector of Chaos
Who Is Jake The Hedgehog?
Involvement with the Protectors
Team Emerald

Real-world designer(s)



Eycestar and Tangerinna of deviantART

Biographical overview



Unknown (Lives in Night Babylon across from Club "Rouge". His house is called "Alter's Palace".


Protector of Chaos
The Dark Fang

Physical description

Eurasian Wolf




100cm (3ft 3in)


35 kg (77lbs)


Light Gray




Emerald green


Black coat with glowing green designs, dark gray gloves with green cuffs and green marbles, black shoes with green stripes and glowing green design along the soles

Alignment and character traits


Favorite Food

Various types of fruits, sushi, drinking tea


Listening to music, long walks at night, howling at the moon, freedom


The daytime, when clouds block the stars and the moon at night, math

Powers and abilities


  • Cryo Blitz
  • Cryo Phase
  • Cryo Shield
  • Cryo Dome
  • Cryo Blizz
  • Blizzard Palm
  • Icepick

Umbrakinesis (Only usable as the Dark Fang)

  • Dark Storm
  • Shadow Down
  • Dark Gazer
  • Dark Pulse

Combinations of Cryokinesis and Umbrakinesis

  • Dark Blitz
  • Dark Dome
  • Shadow Shield
  • Dark Palm

Super Speed
Spin Dash
Homing Attack
Chaos Control
Spin Jump
Super Transformation

Ability type


Alter the Wolf (ウルフを変更 Urufu o henkō?) is the main character in "Protector of Chaos". In this story, he is soon chosen to be a Protector of Chaos and that he must defend his given Chaos Emerald from the dark forces.


Protector of Chaos

"Protector of Chaos" has been remastered! See deviantART.

Protector of Chaos is a narrative concept depicting the events of Alter's adventure in this story. By reading this story, you will be able to understand who Alter is and why he is after the 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Chapter 1: The Seventh Night ~The Amethyst's Chosen~
Chapter 2: Captured Agent

Chapter 3: The Search for Omega

Chapter 4: Convincing Omega

Chapter 5: The Unconscious Feline

Chapter 6: Recuperation
Chapter 7: It's a Trap
Chapter 8: Feel The Darkness

Chapter 9: The Truth Revealed

Chapter 10: The Move
Chapter 11: The Dark Fang Strikes
Chapter 12: The Darkness Unleashed
Chapter 13: Protector's Destiny ~Setting the Bond~

Team Emerald

Team Emerald is a narrative concept depicting the events of Team Emerald's adventures. By reading this story, you will be able to understand who Team Emerald are, and what their motives are.

Team Emerald: Chapter 1
Team Emerald: Chapter 2
Team Emerald: Chapter 3
Team Emerald: Chapter 4
Team Emerald: Chapter 5
Team Emerald: Chapter 6
Team Emerald: Chapter 7
Team Emerald: Chapter 8
Team Emerald: Chapter 9
Team Emerald: Chapter 10
Team Emerald: Chapter 11
Team Emerald: Chapter 12
Team Emerald: Chapter 13


Alter takes the phrase "the lone wolf" to its fullest extent. Alter loves to be alone, especially on a starry night and hates it when clouds block his view. Because Alter tends to isolate himself from others, he can be a little shy when talking and being around others, though he may not make this obvious to see. Instead of talking, Alter prefers to listen very closely and will only say something when he is asked a question or if he is absolutely certain that his words are accurate and hits the topic.

Despite his "lone wolf" nature, Alter can be quite demanding when he is angered or feels that it is necessary to be demanding. Alter will do almost anything to reach his goals, for he shows no mercy in combat even on the weakest opponent.


Alter's main ability is cryokinesis. Cryokinesis allows Alter to control and even create ice out of thin air. Alter can also use cryokinesis for transportation such as creating platforms of ice to be used as a bridge or even to fly on.

Alter is capable of using a few Chaos abilities such as Chaos Control. Alter can use numerous amounts of abilities when he combines Chaos Control and his cryokinesis. When he collects all seven Chaos Emeralds, he can achieve his super transformation, Super Alter.

Alter later finds out in POC that he was given a second ability called umbrakinesis. This enables Alter to control shadows and darkness. Alter obtained this second ability from Mephiles the Dark when he first used Chaos Control to escape Tikal's sacred altar. During the process of Chaos Control, Mephiles transferred himself from the amethyst Chaos Emerald to get into Alter. The Dark Fang, a darker version of Alter, can use umbrakinesis to its fullest extent. This ability was later taken away from Alter when he finally decided to release Mephiles after Jake opened his eyes to the truth.

List of Moves

Cyro Blitz: Alter's signature move. Multiple ice shards shoots out of his palm.

Cryo Shield: Alter's defensive move. A wall of ice rises up from the ground to defend Alter from an attack. It can also be used to block someone's path so that they can't leave.

Cryo Phase: By using cryokinesis, Alter can also become intangible (able to phase through solid objects). This technique is very useful for evading attacks and moving through tough terrains.

Blizzard/Dark Palm: Upon contact, the Blizzard Palm will freeze whatever body part it touches. The Dark Palm has the same effect, but it is infused with dark energy, making it difficult to thaw, and the ice spreads to cover more, so long as it stays on.

Icepick: Alter generates a massive spear of ice and throws it at the enemy. If the enemy tries to dodge it, Alter can redirect it, and make it home in on the enemy. If the enemy tries to stop the attack, or upon Alter's command, it will shatter into hundreds of pieces and rain down on the enemy. Alter can still control the smaller shards, but it will be somewhat difficult due to the large number of them.

Crystal Prism: Phase 1: Alter uses his cryokinesis to completely petrify the target in solid ice. Phase 2: Ice spikes shoot out of the ground heading for the enemy. This can either impale the target, or when they reach target, four large pillars of ice shoot up out of the ground and crush the target, sealing the target in an icy prism.

Ice Fang: Using one or both hands, Alter fires a torrent/stream of ice at the enemy. Or fire Ice dragons at an enemy which will completely freeze them on them on contact. He can make the attack more powerful by replacing the dragon heads with wolf heads, Which will cause damage in addition to freezing the enemy. He can completely control the direction they move in, and can fire anywhere from 1 to 8 ice fangs simultaneously depending on how much power he has.

Cryo Slash: In Camelot as Sir Alter, Alter's Soul Surge is Cryo Slash. Each time Alter slashes his sword, a fierce blizzard is summoned with multiple ice shards shooting from all directions.





Memorable Quotes

  • "It's happening again" Alter's first words!
  • "Right" Alter will say this when he understands the mission or agrees with you.
  • "I am Alter" Alter introducing himself.
  • "Don't get in my way" Alter will say this to a new ally.
  • "That's why you have me" Alter proving that he can be useful.
  • "I'd better hurry" Alter either rushing himself or starting a new mission.
  • "Chaos Control!" Alter using Chaos Control.
  • "Your fight is with me!" Alter intervening a fight.
  • "I guess I shouldn't underestimate you" Alter realizing that his opponent is stronger than he/she looks.
  • "You're next" Alter changing targets.
  • "You talk too much" This is what Alter says if you keep talking.
  • "Cryo Blitz!" Alter's signature move.
  • "Why couldn't it always be night time?" Alter loathing the sun.
  • "Tell me everything you know" Alter demanding to know what you know.
  • "Uh..." Alter thinking.
  • "Feel the darkness. Embrace the darkness." Alter learning how to use umbrakinesis.
  • "I want answers" Alter demanding to know the truth.
  • "Just get on with it" Alter losing his patience.
  • "I won't allow the Dark Fang to continue his ambitions, even if it means I have to sacrifice myself to prevent that from happening." Alter getting ready to sacrifice himself to save the future.
  • "Sorry. I've had a change of heart." Alter changing his mind about sacrificing himself.
  • "I'm making the move" Alter deciding to attack the Protectors.

Theme Song


Depend On You ~Depend On Me~ - Bentley Jones03:41

Depend On You ~Depend On Me~ - Bentley Jones

"Depend on You ~Depend on Me~" - Bentley Jones

I search the night for some time to kill
But all I can find are stars
In the wake of my biggest mistake
We will all lay down my heart

I stumble on old memories
Like a ghost town I forgot
And now I’m lost on empty streets
That keep getting dark

Oh I don’t know who you will become
I don’t know where you’ll be
All I can promise you is history
The future’s a place where we cannot be

When all is said and done
I will be free
And when I’m gone
You can’t depend on me
In time you’ll see
You stand alone
Into our own

The rain upon the window pane
Is a hundred whispering words
They tell me where the door is to leave
And how I should run

Oh I don’t know who you will become
I don’t know where you’ll be
All I can promise is you won’t have me
Just close your eyes, that’s where I’ll always be

When all is said and done
I will be free
And when I’m gone
You can’t depend on me
In time you’ll see
You stand alone
Into our own

When all is said and done
I will be free
And when I’m gone
You can’t depend on me
We make a path
That we must tread
Into the red

Oh I don’t know who you will become
I don’t know where you’ll be
All I can promise you is history
The future’s a place where we cannot be

Although I know
It’s true
About me and you
I can’t deny that I depend on you
Now I have found you’ve let me down
Never again

When all is said and done
I will be free
And when I’m gone
You can’t depend on me
In time you’ll see
You stand alone
Into our own

When all is said and done
I will be free
And when I’m gone
You can’t depend on me
We make a path
That we must tread
Into the red

Connection to Character

I search the night for some time to kill but all I can find are stars - Alter likes to stare at the stars.

Oh I don't know who you will become; I don't know where you'll be - Alter and the Dark Fang have different futures.

The future's a place where cannot be - Alter doesn't want the Dark Fang to be a part of the future.

When all is said and done I will be free - Alter will be free only if he can stop listening to Mephiles.

And when I'm gone you won't depend on me - Mephiles can't depend on Alter when he is set free.

Close your eyes, that's where I'll always be - Mephiles is a part of Alter's conscious.



The Chaos Emeralds featured in "Protector of Chaos"

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