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Gotta get that BOOM-BOOM-BOOM,

Gotta get that BOOM-BOOM-BOOM,

Gotta get that BOOM-BOOM-BOOM,




Story of my Username

To start off, I hate my stupid username. I've been using the same old username ever since I signed up at YouTube, and I never really liked it. I once told a few of my friends about my account name and they all had the same general (yet intolerant) response: "Wow, that's gay." Eh, we were just dumb 8th graders. I wish I had known that we didn't have to make MySpace-like usernames, 'cause I would've done something like Dj Speedy, Knuxter, or Agent Blue. So I wouldn't mind it at all if you called me: "Windmaster," "DW," "Deej," or simply "The Dj." (Not just "Dj", but "The Dj." Yes, theres a difference.)

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Eh, What's up Doc? ~ DjWindmaster97 18:23, May 1, 2010 (UTC)


Making art on paper and on the computer, playing videojuegos, surfing online, playing basketball and tennis, reading manga, desperately trying to get some rollerblades so I can pretend to be a GG and skate through the streets like a renegade of funk, and doing anything that involves my all-time favorite character, the fastest thing alive, the dude who can really move with an attitude, the one who's burnin' way past cool, the good old true blue, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.

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I even have a Brawl Snpashots page: Never mind, site has been shut down....

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I'm Sir Gawain of the WikiKnights of the SNN Table, the Sonic Wiki's vandal patrol group. Sadly, I seem to be all that's left of the WikiKnights. The other members have taken a hiatus from the SNN or just disappeared entirely, though I can't say that I've always been active nowadays.

To be brutally honest, however, I've always thought that it was kinda lame to base our group off of SatBK 'cause the concept of that game sucks.
Sonic + Sword fighting + Controls from Secret Rings + Being called "knave" a thousand times = Big fat NO NO
We should've based ourselves off of the way past cool Freedom Fighters. But if you'd really like to know more about the WikiKnights, here's some info:

  • Came together to take down vandals as quickly as possible
  • Each member took on the role of one of the Knights of the Round Table
  • The group's chief was Sonic & Scrab Master ('cause he had the most number of edits if you're wondering); He took the role of King Arthur
  • Not a group of Admins
  • To be a member, you'd have to be a trustworthy user and you'd have to be admitted in by Sonic & Scrab Master

But, seriously, Beware Vandals. Us users here on the Sonic News Network put a lot of time and effort into representin' for Sonic. We help players on how to beat hard levels and bosses, we gather Sonic related stuff to answer the fans' questions, we present lots of info so that others can learn things they probly didnt know about the franchise, and we strive to become a huge and reliable source for all things Sonic. The ULTIMATE source for all things Sonic. So if you choose to be a Vandal, you'll most def be seen as a loser whose got nothing to do with their life but to ruin other peoples' hard work. So it would be appreciated if you didnt do so. (And when you edit something we can see your IP Address, so we can probly find out who you are. Also know that all edits on the Wiki can be undone, so you'll just be wasting your time vandalizing.)

If you continuously vandalize articles, you can and will be banned from the Wiki at Super Sonic Speed.

My favorite pages

My Thoughts on the Sonic Franchise

The Games

Game My Rating Thoughts
Sonic Adventure (A) "Aw, yeah! This is happenin'!" ~ Sonic the Hedgehog On the Dreamcast, this was my first, legit Sonic game. It would probly be my favorite Sonic game if I were to have one. 1. It had a great plot that wasn't too shallow, 2. had a wide, open Adventure Field to explore (I like being able to walk around places like that in games), 3. was Sonic's first big step into 3D, 4. introduced the Chao, 5. controls were solid and it was easy to move around for platforming while still being able to go really fast (though it did have some questionable physics and a little more glitches than average), 6. had multiple story modes and shed light on a few character's life stories, 7. had good voice acting, 8. and like almost all Sonic games, had great music. I also liked the epic final boss battle with Super Sonic and Chaos. It was the new idea of a giant monster for a final boss (an idea recent games seem to overuse). If it weren't for Big and Amy's stories, I might give this game a perfect A+. Big's just some needless, fat waste of space who couldn't move fast enough to save his life, and he kinda ruined the game for me. I could take Amy, 'cause even though she too was slow, you only had to go through 3 levels in her story.
Sonic Adventure 2/Battle (A-) "Behold the Ultimate Power!" ~ Shadow the Hedgehog I remember walking into an old Circuit City in New York with my brother to get this game for the Dreamcast.... Now I have the GameCube remake. It was almost just like the first Adventure game, 1. with a highly upgraded Chao Garden, 2. tons of replay value, 3. same solid controls as the first Adventure game (though they seem to have perfected Sonic's gameplay and made it a little less slippery when going at top speed), 4. interesting story with new elements like G.U.N., 5. still good voice acting (well... good enough compared to some of Jason Griffith's work and Roger Craig Smith entirely), 6. Sonic and Shadow's levels were awesome (City Escape was the best), 7. had new multiplayer mode, 8. introduced Grinding to the series, 9. gave Sonic his own evil twin, Shadow, 10. and like always, had great music. My problems with this game are that Tails and Robotnik's shooting levels can get kinda repetitive, Robotnik starts calling himself "Eggman" (that's not your name!), there's no Adventure fields, characters wear way too many level ups (especially Knuckles), and the hunting levels seemed to be more of a pain than in the previous game. And oddly enough, the GC remake is a lot buggier than the Dreamcast, like Knuckles' eye popping out every time he glides. SA2 also loses points for trying to be a little too realistic like a certain 15th Anniversary game. To be honest, if it weren't for the crap-tons of replay value in the game with the extra missions, multiplayer, kart racing, and especially the Chao Garden, I would've given this game a B or B+.
Sonic Heroes (C) "Heh, Good enough!" ~ Knuckles the Echidna I was really excited about this game when it came out, but it let my hopes down just a little bit (and now I can't even find the damn game!). 1. It had many characters for a variety of moves and techniques, 2. a decent plot that was saved by the mysterious comeback of Metal Sonic, 3. a faster sense of speed than the Adventure games (however controls aren't as solid anymore), 4. return of the inspective collective defective detectives, the Chaotix, 5. stayed truer to the series' Genesis days with things like special stages, 6. no more shooting and hunting levels, 7. and of course, good music. My problems with this game is the camera can sometimes be a spaz, I was disappointed to see no Chao Garden, too many characters (oh, yes, I'm talking 'bout you, Team Rose), the game is not very easy to control, even though there's 4 stories you're basically playing the same levels over and over, Team Chaotix' odd missions were a pain, and I often found myself missing playing as Team Sonic.
Sonic Rush (B) "Can we try this again?" ~ Sonic the Hedgehog I remember asking the customer service guy at a Best Buy for "that DS Sonic game," 'cause I didnt even know the name of the game and only wanted it because it was a Sonic title for the DS. Turns out it wasn't that bad of an idea. 1. The game is a LOT faster than most Sonic games with new moves like boosting, 2. the need to do tricks to fill up your tension gauge so that you can keep boosting keeps the levels moving, 3. an interesting story with the addition of Blaze, who's a perfect example of a well-executed Sonic character, 4. brought back having Eggman or Eggmen (Nega) as a final boss, 5. the idea of using that spinner to enter special stages was pretty smart, 6. and surprise, surprise, great, up-beat music. My conflicts with this game is that Blaze and Sonic's gameplay weren't that different, there were too many bottomless pits, it was easy to get hit by enemies that were badly placed, having Tails on the bottom screen during boss battles was kinda annoying, and this is the game where the characters start to have the voice actors from Sonic X (Tails becomes even more of a pain when he starts to sound like a 10 year old girl who chain smokes). Probably my biggest problem with Sonic Rush however, is that it was the first game to introduce the Boost. Boosting in Sonic games feels sort of like a broken mechanic to me because it allows you to just cheaply kill the whole gosh darned stage by spamming the X button. This makes the game feel cheaper because there are those occasional parts where you're just boosting along and it gets boring and monotonous. At least the Rush games allowed you to play the game without boosting the whole time (Spin Dash is still there!)
Shadow the Hedgehog (E) "What's wrong with me?" ~ Shadow the Hedgehog All right, lets get this over with. This game is where the series started to go downhill for me. It was aimed at more maturer fans with the addition of all kinds of guns to shoot enemies like aliens, robots, and even humans. It sounds crazy, seeing as how the franchise attracts a younger audience, but in fact, without any real targets to lock on to enemies, the guns are pretty much useless. And if they're going to make a game about another character, like Knuckles' Chaotix, they should've excluded Sonic completely so that you dont feel that he doesn't have an important role in the game. Also, the visuals were really depressing, the controls were bad like a slipperier version of Heroes, and the camera is just terrible. This is also when I started not to like Shadow. He started to lose that SA2 evil twin, anti-Sonic vibe he had, where he was exactly like Sonic in every way except for the fact that Sonic was a heroic adventurer and Shadow was an evil avenger. He actually smiled once in a while in SA2 (more like evil grins) which he never does now, and he once had that Sonic-like smart aleckiness.
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (F) "Shoot... Not my day...." ~ Sonic the Hedgehog *Sigh* Here we go... I like to call this game "Sonic the Disaster." I was really excited about this when it was announced, and I was always playing the demo on the 360. It wasn't so great then, but I thought that it was just the demo (boy was I wrong). At first it looks pretty, but then you're hit with 1. unbearable load times that were left in the final copy to make the game longer, 2. sloppy controls full of awkward animations (I even hate the way Sonic runs, like he's pretending to be an airplane), 3. a camera that keeps getting in the way, 4. the only source of true speed in the game are the annoying and glitched up speed levels, 5. the Hub Worlds are usually something I'd like but the missions that you had to complete to move on were just a colossal waste of time, 6. more useless characters (whiny Silver and problematic Elise), 7. complicated and confusing story with the inclusion of Blaze (which makes absolutely no sense 'cause she lives in another dimension. Leave Blaze out of this, Sonic Team! She doesn't deserve to have a part in this trainwreck!), 8. the game isn't clear on what you have to do to advance (the last part of Silver's Dusty Desert level takes forever if you don't know what to do), 9. I HATE the game's concept of making Sonic too realistc, it doesn't even feel like a true Sonic game, 10. and Sonic just majorly blows in this game. He gets whupped by Silver twice and he fell for the same Robotnik trap that he did in SA2, he was just not himself. It's like Sonic and Co. quit after Shadow the Hedgehog, so Sega had to hire these weird new imposters to take their place. Also, Shadow continues to be a shell of his former self. His gameplay is even similar to how it was in Shadow the Hedgehog (not really a good thing). I could go into even more problems with this broken game, but I'll just end it on the note that when it comes down to it, the dev team barely put any effort into the gameplay, as it was half-assed and sloppily made. People say, "Oh, it wasn't even finished yet! Sega was rushed!", but there was never any outside entity (other than the bonehead fans themselves) that rushed Sega, and if the game wasn't done, why did they still allow it to be sold at full price in stores? Unacceptable. I'm pretty sure Sonic Team knew the game was an EPIC FAIL, so they wrote the story in a way that the events of Sonic '06 never happened (smartest move of the entire game). Whew! That's a load off.
Sonic Rush Adventure (A-) "Too easy. Piece 'a cake!" ~ Sonic the Hedgehog Looks like they did try Sonic Rush again, and this time it was better. People say, "Oh, this game's stupid 'cause Sonic becomes a pirate!" Those people themselves are stupid because they are criticizing a game that they don't know well enough. Sonic himself doesn't become a pirate, he fights pirates (robot pirates actually). 1. Its an improvement from the first game with better enemy placement, 2. less bottomless pits, 3. a longer and interesting story, 4. the ability to explore almost every inch of the seas in Blaze's world, 5. the Wave Cyclone is awesome, 6. lots of replay value with a ton of missions, 7. bosses have no more support character on the bottom screen, 8. Wi-Fi capabilities so I can post my Time Attack records online and finally torch people from around the world in races, 9. and now theres more cutscenes in full 3D and you get to watch every single one in the Movies mode. My only problems are the tiny areas where you get to walk around makes me want to walk around more, you have to unlock all of the songs and movies, and it gets kinda tiring trying to understand what Marine is saying with her Aussie accent. She too seemed to be yet another unnecessary character, but I got used to having her around. Though I still hope she was only meant for this game.

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