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Kip The Hedgehog.

This is Kip the Hedgehog From the Plannet of Denorc. He Is Very Inteligent and has the ability to summon
239px-Sonic pose 61

This is Kip the hedgehog

lightning. He is the son of a god named 'Soloric' and makes friends very easily. His father banished him to the plannet Denorc to rot with the other people who have been banished. He Made friends with them easily but was thrown off when he found out he had lost his ability of speech. He loves what he does. His appearence shows as his gloves being completely different. his right glove (shown in the picture) is a fashion style glove. As for the one on the right is bleeding from his fall into the world of Denorc. He Loves to run although he is nowhere to as fast as Sonic. He
201px-Tails 44

Camo the Fox

used to be sonics friend but used his 'Chaos Control' to keep up. He knows how to beat the heck out of his enemies. When hes has all of the Chaos Emeralds Kip can use his abilitys to travel dimensions, and the Power to go Super and destroy entire worlds if he wants to. He uses his ability for the good of the world and worlds to save them from his worst enemy.

Camo The Fox

Camo the Fox is Kips loyal buddy who can accelerate through time and likes to come by and take his best friend with him. He contains the ability to fly but rarely needs to use it in his world of unlimited powers. He is always found on Kips adventures mainly trying to complete his life goal to find the most powerful gems on their world of mystery. Kip and Camo originally met in the 'Fields Of The Banished' because they were banished within the same hour ( the banished all appear by the hour ) Camo isn't the most intteligent person on this planet. He didn't quite understand why Kip didn't talk until their friend 'Angel' pointed it out to Camo. Camo has a bad realationship with Angel.

Angel The Echidna

Angel has a long histroy with Kip. Angel likes to get on Kips nerves by calling him keep. After awhile Kip got used to it and Angel found another way to get on his nerves. The worst relationship he has is with Camo. Angel is pretty bad at making friends. He tries but always ends up laughing and making them mad. His Powers include the following: Chaos Control, Super Speed, Ice control. He Mainly spends his time guarding the stone of his old love Dream. He believes Dream is still out there. Angel traveled out to Mobius once and ran into Sonic who thought he was Knuckles. He asked why Knuckles seemed to be purple. Angel just made sonic mad and left.


Ninja Is Kips Love who can be a little crazy and blood thirsty. O_O yes i know XD weirdo.

Their current story

Their current situation is 5 of the precious gems have been recieved. The jewel of fire, forest, sea, skys, dark, They are missing 5 more jewels and still dont know the whereabouts of their enemy. Or for that mattter the face of their enemy.


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My Favorite Sonic characters

  • Tails- Hes a genuis. And Brave :D
  • Cream- Even though I've seen her cry. Alot.
  • Nicole- Though shes been... Dramatic. Can you blame her though?
  • Sonic- who wouldn't have the hero of it all in their favorites?
  • Blaze- Yes i said it. This cat is PURPLE! And She is NOT! anything like Big just saying
  • My last one. Julie su- Eh???

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