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Here's my new signature!!! : I'm the fire: Strong and warm. AND HYPER!!! Flame The Fox 20:48, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

This article contains fan fiction, which may or may not have been made up by a member of this Wiki. It may also contain information or images, that are not seen in any official Sonic continuity. STOP RIGHT NOW

HI world! I'm Flame the Fox. I'm kinda new to this thing BUT IT'S FUN!. My friend Berry the Hedgehog ( she's new too her id is Berrysayshi) wants to say something : I LOVE PIE!!!!! Okay I'm back on now. I also have a quizilla account and I am Flamefox100. I want to be your friends people I don't want any enemies because that's just trouble. My fav sonic characters are Sonic and Tails. I have more fav characters but they are more important. I love sonic songs especially Sonic Boom I have a CD full of songs like that. Umm what do I say now... oh yeah my best friend is Berry the Hedgehog. I am usually nice and I like adventure. I own 4 Sonic albums!! Please check out Berry's profile. Well, that's it for now.. bye!

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