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This is MY userpage. Due to this, I'm gonna focus on my fan character, Will the Echidna. Contact me on my talkpage if you have Ideas for parts of his story.

If you want to advise on the story, then read the first chapter through this link:User:Flashfire212/Will the Echidna

Will the Echidna

Will is the younger of Knuckles the Echidna's children, with his older sister Lara-Su. Will was a bit of a loner, preferring to play music and sing over sociallising. He was also a powerful fighter. At the age of 10, he and Sonic's youngest child Maddy, were given Chaos Emerald shards by Shadow the Hedgehog. Due to "Uncle Shad's" shards, the two disappeared. After a lengthy search, they were found being carried by Vector the Crocodile after they Chaos Controlled into his dinner. After this, the two were inseperable. Will had found a friend. At the age of 14, Will, Maddy and Kyle the Fox, Tail's son, experimented with the Master Emerald, filling their bodys with Chaos Energy. They appeared unchanged, so nobody noticed. At the age of 16, Daniel the Lion, the schoolyard bully, attacked Maddy. Will was enraged and tapped into the awesome power held inside him, becoming Blazing Will. Daniel then became a super as well, and the two fought. Will got the upper hand, then opened the floodgates of Chaos Energy the Master Emerald gave him, becoming Chaos Will. Maddy and Kyle did similar transformations, becoming Chaos Maddy and Chaos Kyle. The three grabbed hands and dissappeared. Or did they.........

Two years later, in the Master Emerald Room, Knuckles found a pair of teenagers in there, a hedgehog and a fox. They were passed out on the floor. When they were roused, the hedgehog revealed herself to be Maddy, badly beaten and brused. She and Kyle revealed that Will was still alive, but was very sick. He had gone on a mission with his new friend Crystal the Cat, where he had been attacked by Metal Sonic. He destroyed the bot, but was poisened in the battle. Crystal stayed with him to protect him while Maddy and Kyle, the other two beings with Chaos forms, went for help. Knuckles and Shadow went with them to the Crystal Cavern where Will and Crystal were staying. There they found Crystal holding Will's head as he struggled to stay awake and alive. Will he live..........

Eventually, Will and Maddy's love will blossom, and, kept a secret to all but Crystal and Kyle, children will come. (Note. This is the current point in Will's conceptual storyline, whereas in the actual storys, I've written one full chapter on him, and am working on the first story. The first chapter is found through the link up the top of the page)


Compared to his father and mother, Will is bizzare. He is blue with black streaks throughout his dreadlocks, with two colour eyes, Brown and Green. He has a scar over his right eye from one of Vector's teeth. 0.O pleas tell me that issue please ^_^


Blazing Will: Blazing Will turns yellow, with his stripe now red. He has extremely powerful Chaos abilitys, from levitation and regeneration to fire manipulation, as well as Chaos Spear. His signature Chaos ability is called Chaos Flare, where he coats his hands in fire and unleashes a flaming Chaos Spear. He uses a lot of elemental style attacks.

HyperBlazing Will: The more powerful version of Blazing Will, He turns orange and his dreadlocks change style completely. His muzzle turns blue and his eyes turn pure green, with orangeish pupils. His signature move is Twin Flamethrower, where he unleashes a beam of fire out of each hand. he goes into this form in the fight between himself, Mephilis and Phoenix (Random Fight 5-6, made by BloodSonic1)

Chaos Will: Chaos Will is a more powerful version of Blazing Will. Instead of Yellow, his body turns a metallic gold, while the stripe stays red. His eyes turn pure Gold and his voice gets deeper. He has all Blazing Will's powers, but also gains rapid learning abilitys, learning versions of people's techniques instantly. This form is permanent, but can be masked and controlled.


Please, Add friends, foes or new family members to this list people if you like the current discription.


Maddy the Hedgehog

Kyle the Fox

Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy Rose

Miles "Tails" Prower

Shadow the Hedgehog(shadow the hedgehog 23 on SNN)

Rouge the Bat

Vector the Crocodile

Crystal the Cat

Dawn the Hedgehog (dawnthehedgehog on SNN)

Blood Sonic (BloodSonic1 on SNN)

The Chosen One of Fire

mario&sonicroxs(fan charcter Melanie the Hedgehog)


Knuckles the Echidna




Leo the Lion

Dr. Eggman

Eggman Nega

Metal Sonic



Hi! The name's Will Bonnici. If you put together pieces of the puzzle I've dropped, I'm 15, 16 next year. I write fanfics for friends in a variety of styles and ideas from Star Wars to my series, The Elementals, to Will the Echidna, to whatever my 'hirer' desires. Due to this, I'm often writing in a little notebook in lunch breaks as ideas come to me. I have Asbergers Syndrome, which doesn't affect me in any way except socially. I use friends names in storys, and try to base characters on how I percieve that person. Fanart of Will, Maddy and Kyle is coming from the talented hands of my sister. If you have any questions of me, my talkpage is all yours.

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