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January 5, 2011
  • I live in Aincrad
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Fortune Cookie Writer
  • I am Male

Rollback and Chat Moderator

Hi! I'm ~Flare (but you can call me Flare), and I've been around on the Sonic News Network since January 2011. I am a rollback and chat moderator here on the wiki, so if you ever need help with anything, you can come to me.

What do I do on the Sonic News Network?

As stated above, I am a rollback and a chat moderator. I typically moderate the chat, and keep a watch on the wiki for any site discussions I can participate in or any edits I can make. I don't go about looking for work on the wiki, instead, I make changes and fix mistakes on the articles most recently created or edited. You can typically find me doing cleanup work on the wiki.

What do I enjoy?

Aside from being a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, I enjoy games in the Mother series, Sims 3, and Minecraft. If you have a Minecraft server, hit me up and we could play together sometime. On Minecraft, I typically play survival with my friends, play Minecraft Hunger Games, or other PvP (player versus player) minigames. I also play League of Legends. Aside from video games, I enjoy watching the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so I am a brony. My favorite pony in the show is Rainbow Dash, as I can relate to her most easily. I'm also a fan of Gravity Falls.
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---~Flare | Sweq - Code borrowed from here with permission.

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