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Blitz the Frog

He has two names instead of one. He is known as Blitz the Frog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Buritszu za Froggu?) in Sonic's universe (Earth/Mobius), and Blitz Toad (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Buritszu Tōdo?) in the universe he originated from (Aquas/Corneria in the Lylat System).

He was born on a planet that is known as Aquas, a planet from the Star Fox series of games, NOT the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games where he grew up until he became a young adult in his late teens (18 years old) and is the youngest of six siblings in which Slippy and Amanda gave birth to. When he turned 18, he was old enough to leave his parents even though he didn't have to, but he did and he ended up going on all sorts of adventures, going to and exploring other planets until he ended up going to Sonic's planet, Earth and finally wound up at a place called Azure Lake Zone, which in Sonic's world is located in Tennessee, which is a part of the United States in the southeastern part of the country itself. Azure Lake Zone had reflective forest lakes with rocky mountains, purple colored landmasses and light-colored trees. Blitz thought that it would be a great place to live by himself, since he was old enough to do so, and since it was indeed beautiful as well as peaceful and even quiet so that he could do some meditating, relax and take a rest, and even go for a swim in the lake, which was very pure and clean, (not dirty since he doesn't like messy things just as much as I don't IRL) and he even thought that he was the only one who was there at that time, but he thought wrong. As matter of fact, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna were on an adventure together and they eventually came to visit Azure Lake Zone. Blitz was unaware of this, so he hid himself in the lake and waited until Sonic, Tails and Knuckles walked up the water so he could jump out and attack them, but this didn't happen. Instead, Sonic noticed that Blitz was sticking his head out of the water and Sonic told him to come out, and he did. After an exchange of introductions, Blitz agreed to accompany Sonic, Tails and Knuckles on their adventure and they became his best friends from that day forward.

Back on Aquas, his mother and father were doing fine, but they were a little worried about their son and they wondered if he was doing okay living all by himself, so they left Aquas and went to Earth, but they didn't know where Blitz was until they met up with Sonic, who was out for morning run, and they asked him where Blitz was, and he told them that he was with Tails helping him with his machines at his workshop and Knuckles was guarding the Master Emerald as usual, (since that is his job after all), and he took them to see Blitz who was indeed at Tails's workshop just as Sonic told them. While he was guarding the Master Emerald, Knuckles saw Sonic with Slippy and Amanda, so he left his post of duty to see what was going on and followed them to Tails's workshop. At Tails's workshop, Blitz and Tails were talking and sharing how they felt about machines and other types of technology until Blitz looked over at where the window was and he saw a flower pot sitting there, so he asked Tails what it was and Tails showed him. He told Blitz that there was a plant growing in the pot itself (a very special plant) and said that the plant would grow into a very beautiful young plant-like girl named Cosmo, who in which Tails was in love with when she was alive and he still is in love with her. Blitz was very surprised by what Tails had explained to him about the plant and told Tails that he would like to meet Cosmo after she has grown into a tree, and Tails told Blitz that he could meet Cosmo as soon as she had finished growing into a tree. Just then, Sonic came into the workshop and told Blitz that his parents were looking for him, then came through the door and the moment that they saw Blitz, they were very happy to see him again and he was very happy to see them again. Knuckles also came in and he asked what was going on because he was a little confused so Sonic and Tails, and even Slippy and Amanda told him everything and he understood and became aware of what was going on. All of a sudden, something was going on with the plant in Tails's flower pot... It had grown into a tree, which was the same tree that Cosmo transformed into and everyone saw a light from this tree and they stepped away from it until it died down. When it did, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were shocked and knew immediately who was standing in front of them since they already know her, even Blitz, Slippy and Amanda were surprised to see Cosmo even though they had never met her before like Sonic, Tails and Knuckles have so the three of them told Blitz and his parents who Cosmo was and they were very impressed with what they were being told about Cosmo and what she could do. Cosmo was finally alive! She was successfully brought back to life with Chaos Regeneration, (a special technique that Sonic and Shadow used on her before she was killed by the Sonic Power Cannon after Tails had fired them at her, but the only thing that was produced from the technique they used was a seed). Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were very happy to see Cosmo again but mostly Tails was, since he is still in love with her and he cried with joy and Cosmo felt the same way and she jumped into arms and hugged him, she even gave him a kiss on the cheek and he blushed. Cosmo asked Tails who the three frogs/toads who were staring at her were and he told her who they were. First, Tails pointed to Amanda and he told Cosmo that she was Blitz's mother, then he pointed to Slippy and told her that Slippy was Blitz's father, and finally pointed to Blitz himself and Tails told Cosmo that he was Amanda and Slippy's son. He also her that he, Sonic and Knuckles that they met the three frogs/toads and became friends with them and she was very impressed, and Cosmo became friends with Blitz and his parents along with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

One day while Blitz was out for a swim in the lake, he eventually came face to face with a hedgehog named Scourge the Hedgehog or just Scourge, who is an exact opposite of Sonic the Hedgehog, thus, he has all same traits of Sonic, but he's evil. They immediately became enemies, and they have even fought several times against each other. Not only did Blitz meet Scourge, he also eventually had the displeasure of meeting Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega, who is a descendant of Eggman himself. Finally, as with Scourge, Blitz doesn't get along with both Eggman and Eggman Nega, but he despises Scourge more than he does the two evil scientists. He still resides at Aqua Lake Zone with his teammates, but won't hesitate to go out on an adventure and see new places as well as meet new people since he has a knack for adventure. He'll either go on his own or with his partner, or even with all three of his comrades.


Blitz is very strong-willed, kind-hearted, has a strong sense of justice and the heart of a true adventurer, very knowledgeable about machines and he loves building all sorts of machines, weapons and vehicles... he even sometimes speaks technobabble like Tails does, and he likes to meditate to stay calm and clear his mind of negative or unwanted thoughts that might present themselves to him (similar to Espio), and he even has sharp instincts kind of similar to that of a ninja, meaning that he is not easily fooled, he cannot be brainwashed like his father, who was brainwashed at one point, but only for a brief period of time in Star Fox Command, and he can see through deceptions of all sorts, including disguises. He has also been known to be short-tempered and his anger can sometimes get out of control, but he usually prevents himself from completely losing his temper, and he even sometimes works alone (simliar to Shadow), but won't hesitate to work with someone in a dangerous situation, or even in times of great crisis, such as the world being in danger of being destroyed by a deadly threat. Nevertheless, he enjoys the company of his friends and likes being around them very much.

However, as time progressed and after about 6 years had passed, Blitz had gone through some changes: he's gotten much better at maintaining his anger to the point where it no longer gets out of control, he's become a lot wiser than he was back then, as well as other things.


He looks a lot like his father, but unlike his father, whose skin is green and white, Blitz's skin is light blue and white and he also has light green eyes, while Slippy has blue eyes. He wears waterproof friction-resistant speed shoes that are black with blue stripes on them and he wears white socks that can be seen above his shoes. He also wears white gloves with sock-like cuffs composed of a thick cotton-like material on his hands and since he is a frog, he doesn't have any teeth but he does have a long, sticky tongue just like his father does since he is also a frog himself. Blitz also sometimes wears a special wrist communicator his father had given him before they were separated so they can stay in touch with each other despite being in different universes (for now), but he doesn't always wear it though. Instead, he keeps it in a special place at his lab in Aqua Lake Zone where it's locked up safely.


As with all Sonic characters, both fan-made and trademark, Blitz has a few weaknesses. His preference to work alone in the same way that Blaze does can lead him into trouble, but he is capable of finding a way out. Luckily for him, his teammates are always there to remind him that working together with someone such as a team is the best way to go instead of working alone, and he usually listens to them. Although Blitz can be a little stubborn at times, he has the makings of a great leader unlike his father who obviously lacks those makings. He also has a small fear of heights, so he usually avoids high places. Another weakness is that he sometimes can't take a joke.

Super Transformation

Like most characters in the Sonic franchise, Blitz is capable of using super transformation. In fact, as a result of being able to use this technique, he has two Super Forms: Super Blitz and Burning Blitz by using the power of the Seven Chaos Emeralds as well as the Seven Sol Emeralds.

Super blitz

Super Blitz

Super Blitz

His light blue and white skin becomes gold and silver and his eyes become vermillion, the same eye color that Vector has. He is able to move at an extremely fast speed, almost as fast as Super Sonic is able to move, and he gives off golden energy just like Super Sonic does. He also has the ability of flight as well as invincibility, augmented power, super strength, enhanced reflexes and can even use Chaos Control. Blitz can only use this transformation with the Chaos Emeralds, not with the Sol Emeralds like his other super transformation, Burning Blitz, which is mentioned below.

Burning blitz

Burning Blitz

Burning Blitz

Like Blaze, Blitz is able to use the power of the Sol Emeralds and transform into this Super form. His skin becomes red and orange and his eyes become violet, the same eye color that Knuckles has. In this transformed state, he is surrounded by a huge burst of flames, but it doesn't hurt him due to the fact that he has pyrokinesis like Blaze does. He also has the traditional abilities of flight and invincibility as well as being able to shoot extremely powerful balls of fire from his hands. Blitz can only use this transformation with the Sol Emeralds, not with the Chaos Emeralds like his other super transformation, Super Blitz, which is mentioned above.


E-108 Gemini, Blitz's most notable creation and robot companion. He is a Power type character, stands in at (155 cm 4 ft 15 in), weighs in at 1435.515 kg (2918.85 lbs), his birthplace is Blitz's lab at Aqua Lake Zone, his alignment is Good like Blitz and his comrades, and his family includes Blitz (his creator) as well as the E-Series robots (E-101 Beta, E-102 Gamma, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, E-105 Zeta, E-121 Phi, and E-123 Omega). He also has no gender like other robots in the Sonic franchise, but is referred to as a male. His skills are as follows: Strong Armor, Super Strength, Gemini Missile, Gemini Shot, Laser Cannon, Gemini Fire, Lock-On Shot, Spatial Field, Gemini Launcher, Gemini Bomber, and Gemini Shot Gun. The games in which he has made appearances in are Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Rise of the Shadow of Dawn and Jezz of Time.

Blitz's creations

Blitz, being the expert mechanic that he is, has created all sorts of weapons, vehicles, and even machines, and his robot companion E-108 Gemini, is one of them. E-108 is a very powerful robot, has a free will, and is always willing to protect his creator whenever Blitz is in a rather tough spot. This robot is also blue, silver, black, and orange with green eyes, is equipped with concealed weaponry in his arms, and even bears a slight resemblance to E-123 Omega. He also has the symbol of Gemini on his shoulders. Gemini was based off of Omega since Blitz was fascinated by the way that robot in particular was designed. He decided to create a robot that looked slightly similar to Omega, but not exactly the same though and has the same feelings that his 'brother' E-102 Gamma once had, not the feelings of cold hatred and vengeance like Omega has. In order to accomplish this feat, Blitz infiltrated Eggman's base and successfully managed to steal one of his blueprints (the one that was used to create Omega) and took it back to his lab at Azure Lake Zone. Blitz studied the blueprints he had stolen long and hard, then went right to work in creating his very own robot. In the midst of it all, Blitz programmed Gemini with free will, emotions, and even a 'heart' that was sort of similar to his own heart. After many long hours of hard work and serious thinking, Blitz finally created the robot that would eventually aid him and his two comrades whenever they need backup. There is also an upgraded version of the Biolizard that is hidden away within the deepest reaches of Blitz's lab and whenever Blitz himself is not at his lab, this more powerful creature keeps guard of it and wards off any intruders without warning. It bears a slight resemblance to its predecessor, but has a different color scheme. (Navy blue and teal) It is currently unknown if Blitz created it, or if someone else did and he managed to gain control of it and use it as a means of security. Although it has no name, it's simply called Biolizard Version 2.


Despite his preference of being alone sometimes (but not completely alone since he is usually accompanied by his teammates and enjoys their company), Blitz has managed to make all sorts of friends, mostly due to his kind-hearted nature and utmost care for others during his many adventures.

  • Yoshi - During his time of being on Mario's side long before leaving to join Sonic on his adventures, he had the chance of meeting the green dinosaur. Their time together was short (due to Blitz being very anxious to finally meet Sonic), but they became very close friends and developed a very strong and lasting bond. Even though Blitz is having fun hanging out with Sonic and his friends, he still remembers Yoshi very well despite spending a long time in Sonic's world and even thinks about him sometimes.
  • Big the Cat - As strange as it may seem, Blitz has a great amount of respect for the purple cat. He sometimes looks out for Big and even hangs out with him as well. The two of them get along tremendously well and have developed a strong friendship. Big treats Blitz the same way, and sticks up for him if someone teases him (mostly Rouge), but they both know she's just messing around as usual. Blitz has been known to go fishing with Big whenever he has some free time or isn't doing anything, but he usually just watches.
Napoleon the penguin 2

Fross the Penguin, Blitz's ever-faithful and loyal partner. He is a Flight type character, stands in at 100 cm (3'3"), weighs in at 35 kg (77 lbs), his birthplace is the Ice Cap Zone part of Angel Island (the same place where Knuckles resides), his alignment is Good, and as far as his family ties go, it is unknown who his relatives are, other than Blitz being a brother-like figure and Cinder being a sister-like figure to him. His skills are as follows: High Running Speed, Homing Attack (emits a turquoise-colored aura when using the attack), Cold and ice manipulation, Freeze Dash, Swimming, and Super Transformation. The games in which he has made appearances in are Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit), Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Riders, Sonic Rush, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Mario & Sonic at Olympic Winter Games, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Sonic Free Riders, Rise of the Shadow of Dawn, and Jezz of Time.

  • Fross the Penguin - He is a 13 year old penguin who has proficient control of ice, much like Blitz has proficient control of fire. (Pyrokinesis) His personality is a bit similar to that of Private's (a character from The Penguins of Madagascar series), meaning that he can be a bit too naive for his own good sometimes, he's not so sure of himself at times, he is completely open to every experience, and has been known to be a bit fuzzy on who he is and his role on Blitz's team of four, but remains an ever-faithful and loyal partner to Blitz and even speaks with an English accent, in the same manner that Private, Merlina and Caliburn do. The two have a relationship that is very similar to that of the relationship that Sonic and Tails have. He is able to manipulate his cold and ice powers and use them to propel himself into the air and move around, pretty much similar to how Silver uses his ESP or Psychokinesis ability to levitate and move around in the air.
  • Cinder the Cat - She is a 16 year old cat who bears a slight resemblance to Blaze. Her personality is a bit similar to that of her sister's, but she's not as shy and timid to a fault like Blaze is though. She also acts as a younger sister to Blitz and always looks out for him in the same manner that Rouge always looks out for Shadow. Her ability type is Speed, the same ability type that her sister is.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Blitz had a bit of trouble controlling his Chaos powers until Shadow helped him to utilize them correctly and precisely with his own Chaos powers, and they get along really well with each other. They have never once gotten into disputes or fights despite being different personality-wise. This is because like Amy, Blitz has never done anything to earn Shadow's dislike or hate, and he has the same insight of humanity as both Amy and Maria do. This is another reason why Shadow is nice to Blitz.
  • Espio the Chameleon - They learned the art of Ninjitsu and trained together to become stronger and faster for a couple of years or so and sometimes go on secret missions together as well. At one point, Espio offered to Blitz that he should join the Chaotix Detective Agency, which he willingly accepted. Blitz told his teammates about this offer and they agreed to join as well. Blitz and his team are new members of Chaotix along with Espio, Charmy and Vector since they have been very few in number for quite some time now. Since Blitz and Espio are such good friends with each other, he is on good terms with Charmy and Vector.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - It was Sonic himself who greatly inspired Blitz to become a hero and always forge ahead no matter what might come his way. Blitz was always very fascinated by Sonic's amazing feats and exploits that he decided to do the same so he could become a well-known hero and heavily regarded in his own right. The two are very close friends and get along superbly well with each other since they have almost the same personality and were also born in the month of June, but on different days and years. (Blitz on the 14th in 1990 and Sonic on the 23rd in 1991)
  • Mario - Blitz started out as a Nintendo character, and is still a Nintendo character through and through, but just barely since he spent so much of his time in Sonic's universe. In other words, Blitz is both a Nintendo character and a Sonic character. So, it just might be possible that he knows the famous plumber and get along upstandingly well with each other.





Theme Songs

Blitz himself has a couple of themes. Here they are:

Blitz - Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

By Myself (Reanimation) by Linkin Park

Space Armada - Star Fox 64 (SSBB Version)

This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race by Fall Out Boy

Here are the themes for his two super transformations (His Super and Burning Forms have two):

Super Blitz - Side of a Bullet by Nickelback

Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja by Lostprophets

Burning Blitz - What I Want by Daughtry feat. Slash

Stricken by Disturbed


Story Mode

"That was amazing!" Blitz after getting an A rank after completing a mission

"Ah yeah! That was pretty cool!" Blitz after a B rank when completing a mission

"Not too shabby, if I do say so myself." Blitz after getting a C rank when completing a mission

"Guess I was a bit too cocky." Blitz after getting an D rank when completing a mission

"This can't be possible..." Blitz after getting an E rank when completing a mission

Multiplayer Mode

"Ready to do this?" Blitz when you select him

"I'll show you my true power." Blitz before a battle starts

"That was just way too easy!" Blitz after winning a battle

"Guess I wasn't serious enough." Blitz after losing a battle

"Alright! Let's get started!" Blitz before a race starts in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

"Yes! I did it!" Blitz after winning a race in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

"No problem, I'll do better next time." Blitz after losing a race in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

"Catch ya later!" After passing a rival in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

"Is there anything I can't do? I don't think so!" Blitz after winning any event in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

"How did it come to this?" Blitz after getting 4th place or lower in an event in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

"I can do better than this." Blitz upon losing an event in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

"You've yet to see my true power!" Blitz after getting a new World Record or Olympic Record in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Extreme Gear

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity his Extreme Gear is called Blue Lightning. It can grind on rails meaning that it is Speed Type. His Gear info is: Blitz's personal gear, he and his father who is also an expert mechanic, designed and engineered it together for excellent performance. With that said, it is highly possible that Blitz's Extreme Gear came from the same universe he himself is originally from.


Dash: * * * 3
Limit: * * * * 4
Power: * * * 3
Curve: * * * 3

Gear Parts

Max Speed UP
GP Gauge UP
FotoFlexer Photo

Blitz and his three teammates.

My Fan Characters

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Fross the Penguin

Biolizard Version 2

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About me

I am a 23 year old Sonic fan from Madison, Tennessee which is in Davidson County and is located near Nashville. I speak English, but I can also speak a little bit of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Huttese (I learned how to speak Huttese from Watto, who is one of my favorite Star Wars characters), and a few others. I got into playing video games by teaching myself how to play them when I was a kid, and the very first video game that I ever played was Star Wars Episode I Racer for the Nintendo 64. I had my Nintendo 64 until I ended up getting the Nintendo Gamecube for my 12th birthday on June 14, 2002 from my mother. I unplugged my Nintendo 64 so that I could play my Nintendo Gamecube and I played it until I ended up getting the Nintendo Wii for my 17th birthday on June 14, 2007 last year from my mother, and it is currently plugged up to my TV and I also play it sometimes whenever I feel like playing it. Not only did get a Nintendo Wii for my 17th birthday last year, I also ended up getting my own personal computer, or laptop, from my grandfather (my father's father) and I use it very often, and there have been times where my sister has borrowed it so that she could look at her own stuff from our family computer, which we keep downstairs in the living room of our house, and she still does (without even asking me if she can use it and just takes it with her to her room and sometimes doesn't give it back to me when she's finished using it). I love all sorts of video game series and some of them that I like playing are the Sonic, Mario, Star Fox, Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. games and as a matter of fact, I actually own some of the games from each of these different video game series and while I'm using my own computer or another one at the high school that I go to, I have two usernames that I use to cover up my actual name, and they are Gamefreak16236 and Iblistech, so I'll be safe whenever I get the chance to either sign up or register myself to be on a website. Oh, and I have a mild form of autism, which I've had eversince the year of my birth.

Things That I Like

Well, I like a lot of things, but I'll only list a couple of them by category. Here they are:


Billy Squier


Fall Out Boy

Panic at the Disco

Three Days Grace

Maroon 5

Linkin Park

Crush 40


Steve Conte

Good Charlotte

Green Day

All-American Rejects



Shark Tale

Shrek 2

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Finding Nemo

Over the Hedge

Ausin Powers (all three movies)

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Forrest Gump


Larry the Cable Guy

Dane Cook

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Foxworthy

Ron White

Jerry Seinfield

TV Shows

The Simpsons

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Generator Rex

The Secret Saturdays

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Penguins of Madagascar


Phineas and Ferb

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

Blitz the Frog

For some reason and I was unaware of it, I ended up creating a character in my sleep one night and I thought of everything that I had in mind for the character himself (appearance, background story, etc.) and I have to say that I was quite pleased with myself. I have always wondered what it would be like to live in Sonic's world, and who I would be if I would have existed there myself. Like I said before, I was so happy with this character that I created, that I went into giving it a story of its own.

I praise my fan character Blitz the Frog highly, his background story above is slightly based on my real life as well as Blitz being the equivalent to me in Sonic's world (Though IRL I cannot build and create machines, weapons and vechicles, though I wish I could) but I can run really fast, I do know a lot about electronics and other types of technology, and according to what I have been told about my personality, I am very adventurous and I do not like people who do bad things like killing and beating the living crap out of other people. I also don't like it when things are messy sometimes and I do sometimes even prefer to be by myself away from other people, but not all the time, since I do talk to my friends, teachers, and a few other staff members at school sometimes.

Today, Fanfiction such as fan characters and games do not deserve their own articles in the Mainspace, however I support that someday they will be, mostly Fan Games though but a few fan characters at least. Another reason I support Approved Fan Articles is that I hope my video games, as well as my epic 3D fan games will be on SNN someday with their own articles as it's already a bit of a challenge fitting information about the real me and Blitz the Frog into 1 article (this Userpage). I'm happy that things are looking up for fans and heroes.


I am very kind, sympathetic, caring, friendly, adventurous, and intelligent. I am also usually laid-back and easy-going, but I can be quick-tempered and offensive whenever someone picks on me, I have a strong sense of justice and yes, I am even a total computer geek (and I am very proud of that special talent that I possess, in fact, I am really good at tinkering with all sorts of machines especially computers). I sometimes help others whenever they need it, I hate it whenever someone sticks or tries to stick their nose in my personal business and force me to reveal my innermost secrets for everyone to hear so that I'll be majorly embarrassed and get very angry at the same time, and I hate being stuck in huge crowds. I don't talk to others very often due to the fact that I'm very quiet and keep to myself, I am really good at remembering all sorts of things, I like to meditate, and I have very sharp and keen instincts that might be equal to that of a ninja's. Overall, my personality is a combination of Sonic's, Shadow's, Silver's, Vector's and Espio's personalities.


  • I really want to make and design video games someday, especially some epic 3D games. I vowed that my first epic 3D fan game would be based on Sonic and Blitz will have a role in it. Any games I would make and design would be mentioned here.
  • Blitz can either be a called a Frog or a Toad, just like his parents. It doesn't matter to me what other people might call him - a frog, a toad... whatever they might think will suit them best.
  • Blitz is actually the polar opposite of his father in terms of both athletic ability and experience with weapons and vehicles, meaning that Blitz was a bit more focused and stronger when he trained in the academy that his father trained in than he was, which ultimately made Blitz more athletically coordinated as well as being more experienced in using weapons and piloting the Arwing and Landmaster, and even lots of other vehicles when he set off on his own epic adventure.
  • Blitz has actually made an appearance in a video game and only one video game, which was Star Fox Command, in one of its nine endings. He appeared in the seventh ending of the game that was entitled "Slippy's Resolve", where Slippy and Amanda ended up getting married and having kids while living together on Aquas. They ended up having six kids (I counted them and that's how many they did have) and one of the six kids they had was Blitz (he was the little baby frog that Slippy was holding in his arms who was the only one out of all six kids who had light blue and white skin just as I had mentioned earlier in his description, but he didn't wear gloves, socks or shoes like he does now (the only thing he did wear was a diaper... he was a baby at that time, so don't get all offensive or anything, okay?), his eyes were closed and he had a small pacifier in his mouth.
  • Blitz's backstory comes from some sort of non-canon addition to Sonic X, as well as the Archie Comics, and even the fan-based game he first appeared in.
  • According to Wikipedia, Blitz's name is German for "lightning" or "very fast". In other words, he could've been called Lightning the Frog instead of Blitz the Frog, but I thought Blitz was a better name for him anyway.
  • Blitz's age as well as his date of birth are the same as mine since I created him with my imagination. It is also oddly interesting to know that he and Sonic were born in the same month, but in different years, Blitz having been born a year before Sonic, very similar to how I was born a year before Sonic, the fact that our birthdays are in the same month, and the two of them could even possibly be childhood friends, since I myself grew up with Sonic and have known him since my own childhood.
  • For reasons unknown, Rouge sometimes calls Blitz "Frog Boy", which is the exact same nickname that Falco called Blitz's father at the start of the first mission in Star Fox Assault, where he immediately got himself into trouble and Fox had to save him from being shot down. After Blitz's father was saved by Fox, Falco specifically said, You haven't changed a bit have you Frog Boy? (There's your proof) Now, teasing with that name has been passed down to Rouge, and I guess she just likes calling Blitz by that name sometimes just to tease him and no other particular reason, just as Falco mercilessly taunted Blitz's father.
  • Blitz is a tad more proficient with his control of fire than Blaze is with hers, but they can combine their power together to create a devastating and extremely powerful hailstorm of flames.
  • There are now only two major Sonic characters who are frogs, Froggy being the first, and Blitz being the second (and probably last). However, Blitz is the only one who is capable of speaking, while Froggy can't, but communicates by croaking.
  • I really enjoy roleplaying a lot, and whenever there is one going on, then you can bet I'll take part in it... believe it.
  • Blitz and Espio are the only two major Sonic characters who possess ninja skills. No other character has this skill.
  • E-108 Gemini is the only robot (other than Emerl) not to be created by Dr. Eggman, despite being an E-100 Series robot. This is possible because Blitz stole the doctor's blueprints for making E-123 Omega and made his very own E-100 model machine, styled after Omega himself, but with a different color scheme. Actually, due to the action mentioned before, the doctor unintentionally assisted Blitz in making Gemini since they originally belonged to him. With that said, Gemini was created by two geniuses instead of one, but Blitz was the one who built Gemini physically, not Eggman.
  • Blitz and Shadow have a few things in common:

1) They both usually work alone.

2) They both possess Chaos Energy that can be used in the form of various attacks, except that Blitz can use flames whenever he uses his Chaos Powers in the form of attacks.

3) They are both accompanied by a female and a robot companion.

  • Interestingly, Blitz bears a slight resemblance to Globox, a character from the Rayman series of games. This is because they have the same exact color scheme (blue and white), except that Globox's skin is a bit darker than Blitz's skin is. It should also be noted that Burning Blitz bears a striking resemblance to Globox's mate Ulgette for the same reason that Blitz and Globox look a bit similar: They too have the same exact color scheme. (red and orange)
  • Blitz is the only known Sonic character who is capable of using both the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds whenever it is necessary to use them.
  • In the past, Mario and Sonic were considered rivals, and because of that, Blitz got separated from his mother, father and grandfather. Eventually, the rivalry between the two mascots wore away until they finally became friends and now appear in games together. As a result of this friendship, there is a good chance that Blitz will be reunited with his family once again as it is what Blitz truly desires more than anything else (as of recent). When Sonic and Mario were considered rivals, neither one of Blitz's only known relatives were never seen and were only mentioned a few times by Blitz himself. However, they were vaguely seen in flashbacks that Blitz had in the past and he still gets flashbacks of them sometimes. Blitz misses his family to a certain degree and has hopes that he will able see them again.
  • Surprisingly, Blitz has a lot of things in common with Sonic:

1) They were born in the same month (June), but Blitz was born a year and a week before Sonic was born, thus making Blitz a year and a week older than Sonic.

2) They both have a need for speed and are always on the move.

3) They both have a short temper.

4) They are both blue, but Sonic is a darker blue, while Blitz is a lighter blue. They also have the same eye color, but Sonic's eyes are a darker green, and Blitz's eyes are a lighter green.

5) They both loathe boredom as well as staying in one place for too long and can't stay still even for a measley second.

6) They both love adventure and possess an indomitable force of will, where they will always forge on and never quit, no matter how dangerous and intense the situation they are faced with might be, unlike most others who would give up and resign themselves to defeat or imprisonment and in situations where they are severly outnumbered or outgunned (Blitz doesn't have to worry about being severly outgunned since he has a huge assortment of weapons at his disposal to protect himself with) Sonic's will makes him immune to mind control and evil influences as does Blitz's will, but Blitz also utilizes his ninja-like instincts to completely insure that he is immune to mind control and evil influences as well as being unable to be manipulated and fooled by evil beings such as Mephiles, Black Doom and Dark Gaia.

7) Their personalities are very similar, except that Blitz is a bit more serious than Sonic at times and is also a tad more intelligent than him as well.

8) Their names both have five letters, but the "i" in Blitz's name is the third letter, while the "i" in Sonic's name is the fourth letter. This is also shared with Mario, whose name has five letters as well, and the "i" in it is the fourth letter in the same way that the "i" in Sonic's name is.

9) They both have a faithful sidekick (Sonic=Tails, Blitz=Fross) However, Blitz's sidekick is older than Sonic's sidekick, being 13 years old and Tails being only 8 years old).

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